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Dez, I really don't get your angel. by White Shark ..... Rheumatoid Arthritis

Date:   12/8/2014 4:34:57 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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it sounds like you do not believe in allergies and food intolerance?

Am I right?

So, if someone is allergic to, for example, eggs, in your book, it is enough that eggs are nutritious, and it means you should eat eggs, regardless of being allergic.

What about peanuts?

If you are allergic to peanuts, should you continue eating peanuts just because peanuts are nutritious?

I don't understand what your point is?

A person just told the story how all pain disappeared after removing nightshades, and your comment is that she should anyway continue eating nightshades because nightshades are nutritious foods and nightshades are loaded with vitamins?

So, she should just ignore what her own body is telling her, and she should listen to you?


What is the point ?

I really don't get your angel.

I eat peanuts every day, and I am healthy, but I would not suggest to someone who is allergic to eat peanuts just because I am able to tolerate peanuts, and just because 90% of population is not allergic to peanuts.

Who cares what other people can tolerate!

If you are allergic to something, you stop eating it, until you are able to tolerate it again, if ever.


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