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Re: I think I have had adrenal fatigue for about 4 years, does this sound right? Thyroid issues too. 23 year old man. by Invictus23 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   12/24/2014 6:50:16 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Thanks for taking the time to respond :)

Yeah I think the reason it has taken me so long is that I had no idea what was going on initially. I then thought it was primary hypothyroidism but noticed a connection between sleep quality and symptoms and realized that my tsh was normal but I had no improvement.

I've been using mainly the imformation from Dr lam's website and also Dr wilson who both go in depth to explain everything.

The trouble is (as I'm sure you know)managing to get good quality sleep. I could get up at 7 am and often won't be able to fall asleep until after 10/11 pm and then get a second wind.

I know I'll get there in the end though.
It's taken me long enough to realize what the issue was and to understand it and cut out alcohol, excessive exercise and to limit caffeine.

I'm glad you are feeling 80% back to your full self! I've forgotten what it feels like I've gotten so used to this "state".

I understand what you are saying and it makes sense. I'm not too sure where my adrenal hormone levels are but I'm looking into getting an adrenal stess profile.

From Dr lam's website, stage 3C describes me down to the t. I think I have low coristol but high adrenaline - chronic fight or flight.

I remember reading a book about fibromyalgia which talked about the fight or flight response being chronic and depleting dopamine levels which causes fibromylagia symptoms partially because dopamine controls pain sensitivity.

In case anyone wants to compare notes etc..What seems to work for me from the occasions I have felt a lot better are:

1. Sleep from 9pm - 7am without waking up. Taking 3mg melatonin helps or 5 htp or both.

People often say 7-9 am is best for the adrenal glands but as that often isn't practical what worked for me ( when I managed to fall and stay asleep) was 9pm-7am as the adrenal glands also repair early in the night and the quality is greater then later on. Also being asleep before 11pm avoids a second wind.

2. Exercising to the level that you feel like doing - if you don't fancy doing a workout then don't force yourself.

3. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine ( although cutting it out too quickly can stress the adrenal glands

4. Adding Sea Salt to water when trying to rehydrate and if you have low blood pressure - limit pottasium

5. Limiting stress by writing down individual stressors and dealing with them one by one.

6. Vitamin c, B complex, magnesium oil - very good at night to relax, vitamin D. Dr lam recommends avoiding adaptogens and anything other then gentle nutrients in the later stages as it can cause paradoxical reactions

7. A healthy Diet rich in vegetables

8. Reydrating with water - best done over 48 hours to avoid too much urination ( low aldosterone) - or add salt to water

9.Find Root causes and try to resolve it this way - as in my root causes seems to be Bad sleep, work stress, over exercise and a poor diet.

10. Omega 3 fish oil

That's just a few things I could think of that can be generalised.

I think the best information I have found is from Dr wilson and Dr lam, so it wouldbe worth googing them if you haven't as they go in depth and you really feel as if they are describing you.



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