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Re: Collagen Loss? by girl1234 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   12/30/2014 5:20:55 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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this happened to me after taking the Antibiotic ceftin. i had also stopped taking anti-inflammatory pills for my colon. so the combination caused a serious reaction that affected every system in my body. I know you probably only care about the skin wrinkling/sagging/loss of collagen and elastin because it literally made me feel like i had aged 10 years overnight. no one believed me either. but anyway after 6 months of trying absolutely everything and fixating on it every single second, i finally gave in to just trying to see life for the bigger picture that it is. i started to grow spiritually and my goals started changing from what i thought used to make me happy to what my actual truth is.

i realized that our physical bodies are just costumes and there is so much more to this universe. i stopped caring about what was happening. i just started appreciating being consciously aware and having the ability to think and the ability to comprehend my existence. this led me to start learning about quantum physics and energy fields and how we are literally made of energy. every illness comes from stress and stress is just an imbalance of our flow of energy. this is due to destructive cellular memories that have accumulated in our subconscious minds from as far back as the womb.

to get to the point, it wasn't until i started working with energy medicine and truly believing in my higher self and trusting in God that I started to experience changes in my health. When I say the aging started to reverse overnight I am not joking. it was like my prayers had come true but instead of focusing my thoughts on "omg please let me look young again" I learned to just stop resisting all of the negative energy.

There are two things I recommend to you, and they both take time so be patient. First you should read "the healing codes" by alex lloyd. this is what gave me a solid understanding of energy medicine through the light of God.

second, start learning about Emotional Freedom Technique aka EFT aka Tapping and incorportate it into your daily routine. It seems silly but trust me, this is what reversed my premature aging in addition to all my other health issues that were happening. I'm 25 btw. And I know it was this that started allowing me to heal bc I was not doing anything else differently. My diet was the same. It was just my focus that changed and my ability to finally let go and allow my body to do what it wants to do.. which is heal.

I started EFT with Brad Yates on youtube. his videos are amazing you just copy him. Also the channel "healing magic" explains eft and trusting in God really well.

If you search EFT and recovery or success stories, you will see that I am not the only one benefiting from this gift from God. People are coming out of stage 4 cancers and "incurable" diseases and just true miracle stories. What really inspired me were the stories of people recovering from scleroderma. it is similar to what happened to our skin. I told myself if people can come reverse scleroderma then i can reverse this. it was that belief that started me on the journey to discovering the miracle of the emotional freedom technique.

my last tip, if you are doing what i did and googling everything and going on crazy diets and just obsessing over this, do yourself a favor and stop. as soon as you stop and truly believe that you can heal yourself from within with the help of God, you will start to see the changes you want to see.

hope this helps you

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