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Re: Bad breath and white tongue that wont go away by #194522 ..... Bad Breath / Halitosis Forum

Date:   2/11/2015 6:35:05 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi There,

My Story.

I have been a BB sufferer for over Ten years. I had tried every Mouthwash, Toothpaste, Mouth Detox and tongue scrapers on the market over that time to no avail. My job requires me to interact with customers so I have a ritual of buying a Packet of Gum and a Packet of Mints before I start work.

It was not until about 6 months ago that I discovered the possibility of tonsil stones. I researched it a bit and looked up images of Tonsil Stones. After viewing the images I proceeded to get my LED Torch, walked over to the mirror and opened my mouth open wide to have a look. As I was looking I found some little white/yellow spots on my tonsils, you had to look hard but they were there.

After the discovery I was nearly in tears, tears of happiness as I may have found a way out of not only having Bad Breath but the Depression, Anxiety and Loss of Confidence that come with having Halitosis.

That very day I started researching ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) Specialists in my area. To book one I needed a referral from a GP ( General Practitioner).
So I went to my local Dr for a referral and he asked as to why. I told him the reason to which he had a look in my throat and could not see anything. I told him that there was something there and that I would like the referral to the ENT.
The Dr went as far as getting a second opinion from another Dr outside who again said there was nothing there. I insisted to the Dr that I would still like the referral to the ENT. To which he agreed but with some attitude.

So 3 weeks later and I was at the ENT. The Dr after examining said that I had enlarged tonsils and that there could be stones hiding behind and that could be the reason for the Bad Breath. The only way to get rid of them 100% was to have my tonsils removed. So I booked in to have the Surgery.

2 months later I have had my Tonsils removed. After the operation the Surgeon came and spoke to me and said that I definitely needed them removed as there were some deep crypts in my tonsils which had tonsil stones in them.
That was 6 days ago now and my throat is still sore as hell, but the pain will be worth it.

Being a halitosis sufferer is much more than Bad Breath. For me, it gave bouts of depression, a lack of confidence, anxiety. Relationships Suffer and at times you think to yourself is this all worth it.

Good luck to all and hope you find a cure.


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