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Re: On Candida diet, experiencing extremely dry skin. Help! by jhan ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/12/2015 12:46:22 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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On this diet you should eat a lot of proteins so as not to loose weight. Your skin issue is most probably due to a deficiency. Candida depletes magnesium and I would think this to be the issue you have. Go to the drugstore and ask for Epsom Salt (the cheapest you do not need the one to swallow). Put half a cut in a hot bath and your skin pores will absorb the extra magnesium needed. This is much faster than taking oral supplement, I would also suggest taking some orally either a supplement or else a lot of salads and sprouts to make sure you get that extra magnesium.

Dry skin - when it is the mouth area - means you should drink more and drinking plenty between meals would help. Remember hot drink stays into the stomach - cold drink go straigth down to the intestines - so hot only while eating. Dry skin may also be due to a need of omega, extra virgin olive oil (on your salad), coconut oil on your veggies or to fry them and omega 3 supplements are your best options.

Another issue could be the antioxydants. When you start killing candida it dies causing Herxheimer reaction also called die-off : oxydation of your healthy cells. Antioxydants help counter that. The most important with candida are vit C, vit E, zinc (if you skin gets itchy) and vitamin A (cod liver oil).

ALSO: You say : The worst being stomach pain (doctors always said everything seems fine),fatigue, and bad breath

stomach pain (colon cleanse is a great start) mashmallow root tea is a natural antiinflamatory

fatigue - cutting out the grain you MUST take a vit. B complex supplement until you start reintroducing them progressively

bad breath= minth or lavander essential oil - a drop in water and rince - use a spoon to scrape your tongue after brushing your tooth
Later on you will want to try oil pulling and attend the oil pulling forum = //


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