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Is there point in taking supplements other than diatomaceous earth? by Changexpert ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   2/28/2015 7:38:23 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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As of right now, I can digest most foods fine with an exception of alcohol. I can overeat if I wanted to without getting heartburn. However, I do feel discomfort after overeating or consuming unhealthy meals.

My bowel movement isn't very regular, maybe once a day or once every two days. Stool has severe odor, and this has been happening for a decade...

Digestive problems worsened after taking a lot of homemade fermented foods and Prescript Assist (soil based probiotics) in November of 2014. Since then, I've been suffering from dysphagia (lingering food sensation in throat).

Initially, I suggested candida overgrowth, then parasites. So I consumed diatomaceous earth (food grade) for a month. However, DE actually made more problems by worsening constipation. I know for sure that my body is not creating enough stomach acid because I can take Betaine HCL up to 6 pills with only minor discomfort. In addition, my tummy makes a lot of growling noise.

My physician and I have no idea what is going on anymore and I plan to try other parasite supplements. My question is, can parasite reside for a long period of time if no treatment is given? Also, I thought DE was one of the best supplements you can take for killing parasites by dehydrating the eggs and living culture. Are other supplements actually more effective at killing specific parasites? If so, could you please provide a list of recommended supplements? I would sincerely appreciate your response.

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