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108 questions posed to mh in 2010..#82-90 by prayervoice ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   3/8/2015 6:08:12 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #10 of 12. Questions 82-90

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

82. I very much could have used your wisdom the other day while helping someone I know who had a constipation issue. The possible solution that I could have suggested just did not come to mind until later. You once told us that a small drop of Oil Of Oregano on the tail bone would likely solve the problem with in an hour. Can you expand upon this please, as to why such a reaction might occur?...

“Placing anything that is irritating to the skin causes allot of blood to come to the rescue and remove the invading substance and in the case of oregano or cayenne, they cause allot of circulation fast and in the area of the tailbone, that means the colon will be stimulated into action. I still prefer the LBB as the true method, because you need to tone the colon and not just make it expel once. So rubbing something like oregano oil on the lower spine is not something I would choose to do, the oregano would work even better taken internally”.

83. You maintain that it is possible to "slap" away all lumps, bumps and rashes on the skin with cold water. Can you please explain just how to do this. And would this also work for a fibroid tumor just under the skin on the back, such as the one I sent you a picture of?...

“Slapping causes the body to respond, this means circulation and strengthening to the area slapped. Lumps and bumps, rashes, etc. are sources of lack of circulation. I don’t remember suggesting this method for a cure for these issues, but it surely would work if a person did it as often as needed”.

84. To expand even further on question 83. Because the fibroid tumor (about the size of a small squashed date, which has been on the back for 6 years) is not in a position that can be reached by my hand very easily, how best could one approach resolving this issue?...

“If I had such a lump for 6 years and could feel it or see it, I would use a touch of caustic cancer salve and burn a hole down to it and let it ooze out. Another option would be 1 drop of No Pest applied daily. Slapping might work but not in an area you can see and reach it easily. I would use the caustic salves myself and they basically are home made by very rare sources and never sold openly. All open sources I would figure they are the fda searching for those seeking such products that are illegal about world wide. The bazaar south American doctors that take on possession of past surgeons just grasp your tumor and swiftly cut it out and tape the hole shut, takes about 15 seconds when you watch their videos. I still like the old fashioned caustic salves known as cancer salves”.

85. Last night I made up a blood cleanser for a friend who has the flu. I used an onion, a ton of garlic, an entire bunch of cilantro and one bunch of parsley. Tossed them into my vitamix machine with a little bit of distilled water, and made a paste out of it. The husband of the lady I gave this to was amazed that there was no garlic after breath. I told him that parsley is the main ingredient in most breath crap that commercial hucksters sell for a 60,000 percent mark up. I took a big spoonful of it and breathed all over him. There was no garlic smell, even though the garlic taste was enough to take your breath away if one was not careful. The guy wanted to try it for himself. WRONG MOVE! He took a big spoonful.I told him not to. But... It took his breath away. It made me realize just how much effort you put into your formulas. You try them out yourself first. I would imagine you have had some pretty hairy experiences testing some formulas???...

“The first drop of pure oregano in the mouth puts the fear in anyone that never tasted oregano before. Cayenne in the mouth when unexpected can make a grown man run for water, etc…but nothing compares to the Russian made sputnik zappers, they can make you pray and wish you never did it, thy also are the most hilarious device made on earth”.

86. Why do people with whiter hair look so much healthier that people with salt and pepper hair, even though the white haired folks have less circulation that those on the way to having white hair?...

“Cleaner appearance and not understanding the loss of hair health”. Everyone loosing their hair or hair color should realize they are loosing their longevity.”

87. There is a room spray flogged on tv called "Fabreeze". It drives me nuts to see people smelling that artificial crap. Surely they are asking for trouble by inhaling that chemical soup?...

“Perfumes of all kinds make me nauseated. After experiencing miracles after breathing in the herbal sprays for only 1-3 minutes, shows me that these same people are poisoned just that fast. Working 30 years in a toxic hell hole and still alive to tell about it, is amazing in my case. I worked with many chemicals that stole the breathe and seized the lungs, such as nitric acid, acids and alkalis, and the worst of all, all solvents. One paint used the same chemical they use to use to knock you out for operations and after painting you would have a head ache for days….all chemical smells make me ill, just about make my lungs seize up until I leave the area, just because I know they are bad. Walking into the plastic flower shops that use all artificial smells like the ones in scented candles smell deadly to me. If someone lights a candle in their house, I LEAVE!” How I survived 30 years in a toxic hell hole I don’t know, after 10 years in my skin was a mess and that is what forced me to alternative. Today I see smells as the deadliest enemies, because what enters our blood easily, is the most dangerous.”

88. We have heard very little about an annual fast for yourself this year MH. Is there a reason for this or is it just that no one is asking?...

“The biggest disappointment was the lack of Honey Bell Oranges! I went 3 weeks and was at the weight I was satisfied with and returned to 1 meal per day. I suggest Book I is correct in that 1 meal per day is more than enough for anyone. I am working on 2 external formulas with the theory of “fasting” by cleansing and feeding via the skin. I still believe we can do it all through our skin and that consuming foods via the mouth is something that evolved as humans became damaged from the sun’s radiation over the past 30,000+ years and humans have been falling apart over the past 120 years with the introduction of electricity / frequencies. We truly are falling apart at an amazing rate and I believe one author when he stated humans born after 1992 won’t live to see their 40th birthday unless they are extremely wise and understand and learn to avoid the enemies and as William Branham and others have taught, the true enemies are the too educated that create toxic substances to reduce the human populations”.

89. I have been told that each of the organs in the body is captain of the ship, so to speak, for a 2 hour period each day. Is this correct? If yes do you know what that schedule might be for each hour of the day?...

“There have been authors that have written books on this and divided the body functions by 12 giving each a 2 hour period. I do believe “ALL” life reacts to moon cycles in a manner we can see and experience; so it would not be too far fetched to believe on a lighter scale that we all react to each hour, each minute. One Russian author / space scientist that was selling his e-book 10 years ago for $300.00 claims every human starts a cycle the second the baby emerges and is exposed to light for the first time. He claims light changes every second, making everyone a little different and light has cycles and each month or dominant cycle causes humans to react and naturally in a very mild way that we don’t realize anything is different, etc. Hulda Clark and others from the past believe the human dna is created and eliminated in a 60 second cycle in precise tune with the atomic clock and that every human of every race world wide all react precisely together. I personally have no interest in reading all the theories and guesses about such a subject and prefer to just take it for granite that we all have a inner clock, cycles and are a part of this solar system that is a precise clock. God made all in absolute perfection and it would only make sense that all follow a precise system that is flawless on a grand scale.”

90. If one has cold feet is it ok to put some cayenne in their shoes. If so, how much and if not is there anything else one might use to force the blood into that area?...

“Cayenne sprinkled in the sock would work, but might cause some irritation; I prefer using oil or spray and not loose powder. All of the herbal sprays would help as will any herb that increases circulation to the skin. With experience the feet can take 50 degree weather with not much problem. This winter has had allot of snow and cold and I have wore tennis shoes more this winter than I have for the past 5 winters and can’t wait for sandals again. My feet feel straggled and suffocated in socks or covered shoes.”

There you go MH. Many thanks for doing this.

Create a nice day,

prayervoice (Mr 108)

Many Blessings,
The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M.H. 108

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