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oil pulling making me severely depressed, tired and brain foggy. by snugglykindness ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   3/16/2015 10:19:25 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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i have been oil pulling on and off for quite a while but not with enough consistency and iv switched between coconut and olive oil (the latter just due to coconut oil running out and costing more then olive). i never really noticed detox symptoms but i think now its just cause i wasn't paying close enough attention and i couldn't explain a lot of the problems i was having.

i started doing this originally cause i read about it and it happened to coincide with a really bad case of IBS which came back when i stopped the oil pulling but i didn't make the connection. the IBS came back so hard that i couldn't eat as if my stomach completely locked up and wouldn't not let food go down it was horrible.

my mom sent me a video about root canals, dental health and immune problems and it hit me that maybe oil pulling would get rid of my IBS cause of my root canals so i started doing it again and then with in about a day the IBS was gone and had not returned since.

i would stop oil pulling due to laziness or lack of oil and sometimes do it twice a week or what ever and a lot of times with olive oil which i recently noticed caused me to have pretty bad herpes out breaks in my nostrils.

so i would oil pull here and there and i took about a 3 day break from it and this was a few days ago and it was early in the week and for the first time in a long time i felt this old energy come back like a fire and my mind started working again like i remembered it in my best times.

so on this day which i think was Sunday or Monday i felt ready to go and attack the day like i hadn't in a long time and i was getting ready to go out and i thought it might be a good idea to do an oil pull before i left.

so i loaded up about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and swished for 20 minutes, spit it out and was about to leave the house when all of a sudden i lost all my energy as if i had caught the flu and my mind turned to mush again.

through the next week i continued oil pulling once a day at night with coconut oil since it makes me so tired i felt it was best to do it right before bed. during the first week i had runny sinuses like i couldn't believe which went away. i also have pretty bad brain fog.

but this fatigue, brain fog and Depression has not let up and even worse the Depression is so heavy and extreme I'm breaking out crying through out the day. I'm walking around with a ball of emotional pain in my chest and i just feel awful beyond belief and i don't know what to do.

i heard that coconut oil is the most extreme detoxing oil but what oil isn't and most importantly what oil won't give me insomnia (which i think the olive oil did)?

i was hoping that if i kept pushing through with the oil pulling the Depression would lift but it just seems to be staying as bad if not getting worse.

please help me I'm so desperate and so depressed and I'm afraid if i stop oil pulling my IBS will come back as well as flakey skin.

does any body have a list of oils and there effects/side effects? I'm very afraid of insomnia cause iv had so many problems with that (and again i think pulling with olive oil caused insomnia).

i think i need something lighter that won't cause insomnia and also not cause such devastating depression.

if i did continue with the coconut oil are there people who have had this severe depression, fatigue and brain fog and it went away? I'm so depressed i feel suicidal so i don't think i can continue with the coconut oil or at least every day. i thought i could push through it but its so heavy and intense that i think i might need another oil or to stop altogether.

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