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Re: my error by thelaughingdogs ..... Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Date:   3/21/2015 12:24:20 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Holy toledo, your doctors sound as bad as my first hormone/endorchrine specialist were. They told me “Sorry we just don’t know why your body is acting like that”. I still get night sweats when I do too much Omega 3 or some natural stimulating thyroid stuff. Last week I woke up sweating so many times because I over did it on the Hemp oil. I am waking up again at 4 am because I got myself addicted to Sugar for the first time in 2 years. I just wanted to take a break for awhile and be normal. Waking up at 4 am is one of the last symptoms to leave. It comes back easily if I get off balance. I have taken adrenal glandulars in the past. That was before I realized I am hyper adrenal. It did the same thing in my body as the progesterone. It caused cortisol surges and insomnia.

Leg cramps are usually that you need potassium. I would wake up with the stabbing pain in my calf too. A new thing for me is that the last few days I felt crashy. I never feel crashy ever I am hyper adrenal. I thought it was from riding my bike and eating Sugar but maybe I need to back off of the Magnesium a little and balanced everything out. Something else you made me realize. I knew my HPA axis was off but after doing a little research tonight I realized that was what happened to me two years ago and what may be happening to you right now. I was really stressed with my thyroid not working 100% and my adrenals were trying to carry that load. Then I took progesterone and unbeknownst to me my HPA axis was swinging all over the place. That is why the progesterone was not staying progesterone. That is why I was so sensitive because my adrenals and thyroid where up and down and my body could not handle anything That’s another reason the brain retraining helped because it eventually calmed my HPA axis down. Wow!

I do know of something besides the brain retraining that will calm the HPA axis down. I discovered it after I had gone to a counselor for a special technique that deals with Rapid Eye Movement and processing stress through the right and left brain hemispheres. I quit seeing the counselor because the technique wasn’t working in that setting there wasn’t enough time spent in happy thoughts. A few weeks later I ran across the HAMR technique online and used it and the next day felt a difference in my anxiety. I used it as a part of my brain retraining. I have slacked off of doing the HAMR but I am going to start doing it again twice a day. I know my HPA axis is still off somewhat. Here is the link explaining how to do the HAMR and how to apply it:

Thanks for writing me back, your helping me figure out the mess.


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