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not contradictory by ds2 ..... Iodine Support & Discussion: Seaweed, Kelp, Lugols etc.

Date:   3/30/2015 1:23:23 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Being jittery and tired as the same time is certainly possible and happens to me be alot in the over 6 yrs I've had thyroid issues. The more common phrase is "wired and tired" if that helps.

This person, like the majority of the world, has been brainwashed into believing Iodine is toxic when just the opposite is true. He is just beginning to try and wrap his head around the fact that Iodine is needed. And going thru any type of detox is awful and scary at times (the Iodine detoxing fluoride, bromide, heavy metals...).

When I began this journey, most of my posts probably didn't make much sense since I had BOTH hypo and hyper systems At The Same Time. Most considered me bonkers and had little patience with my ramblings. I thank GOD that people here like Trapper, Ginagirl, Violien, HoW, were kind, and patient, and understanding as well as helpful. I don't believe I would be here today if it weren't for God, these people and iodine/iodide.

So while yes, it's frustrating when someone unjustly criticizes iodine, let's try and remember what we were like before taking iodine. Sure, he may turn out to be another jerk....but let's at least give him a chance:)

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