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Re: I'm in the RED! How do I get to at least purple? Please help! by alinc ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/1/2015 1:09:27 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Yeah... right.. well what happens when you try several doctors (a new MD btw &) a few shrinks and they want to drug you even more than you were. & plus, I did it! Didn't you read the dosage i'm on? At this dose, a moron could probably complete the taper.

I had to do it myself. It took me a long effing time to successfully do this and I had no choice but to figure it out and taper with no oversight. I'm not mentally illiterate and when you have depleted your options with doctors, what do you do? I am curious to know what you would do. You found help and that's all good, but what if you hadn't? Would you stay prisoner & bound to the mental hell and damage that the drug does?

Anywayzzzz.. I appreciate the encouragement, but I am off it. I take between 8-10mg every 3 days. Then I'll have to reduce it down again to probably 5 mg and do that for another 2 weeks. I'm good & I've FINALLY figured out how to do it myself and if I had taken the psychiatrists advise, I would be on so much shit that would contribute to more damage. That's reality for some people and you have to make choices for your life.

PS: If I had a shrink that knew anything, I would ask to do the Prozac Bridge. Only 2capsules of 20mg of prozac over a months time period has gotten thousands of people off SNRI's, particularly Effexor.

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