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Infectious Disease Doctors Writing Hilarious Notes back to Doctor - parasitosis by #183825 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   4/12/2015 3:58:40 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I don't think people should do nothing about the dishonest way in which the medical community deals with people that have parasites (including life threatening strongyloides and morgellons). I encourage anyone that has been dealt with terribly by their infectious disease doctor or any doctor about these conditions should write a review that exposes what the doctor did and give them an appropriate rating.

Calling people who have strongyloides or this new disease called morgellons people with parasitosis, a psychosis, is malpractice for sure. Where are the good Samaritans in our world? When will they stop these doctors from denying treatment? Patients are told they have the equivalent to a diagnosis of cancer when they get a hyperinfection and then they are thrown out of the medical system not to be treated or offered support. As this Joni Mitchell article says, this will go down in history as the worst malpractice action on the part of government.

An Infectious Disease Specialist in Toronto Ontario sat across from me and after I explained the symptoms, strongyloides, proceeded to then tell me that he had seen people dying from strongyloides and it was an awful thing. I know he knew that I had strongyloides but told me that because I could not produce a stool sample testing positive (It is rare that a person tests positive because the test is so poor.) and my eosinophils were normal I did not have it.(Please note that eosinophils are frequently normal after a hyperinfection of strongyloides - it is a sign of a poor prognosis)He wrote the funniest note to my doctor about what a psychotic case I was and prescribed anti psychotic drugs. It is a long note. Why he has so much time to write such a condemning note is beyond me. A portion of it says, "...I read the stools but explained negative is negative... fixed phobic parasitosis. I prescribed a daily.....pimozide... and the parasites should recur when she stops, so she should restart Pimoside under your supervision." This top doctor has the blood labs across all the Province of Ontario reporting to him. I assume he has other infectious disease doctors reporting to him. Doctors would not overrule his authority and help me. He admits the parasites will recur but they are to only give me anti psychotic drugs. It ended "These cases are tragically difficult to heal." He has ruined my prospects of treatment. My symptoms are undeniably strongyloides.
Am I allowed to name doctors or is that against the rules?

God please deliver us from such corruption.

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