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Re: Infectious Disease Doctors Writing Hilarious Notes back to Doctor - parasitosis by #195831 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   4/13/2015 11:11:11 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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AMEN!!! To everything you said. I am sick of being treated in this same manner. It is abhorrent. May we find answers to this 'neglected . tropical disease' which really shouldn't be neglected nor considered only tropical.
I am SO SORRY that you, too, have encountered this.

I saw infectious disease specialists at the University of FL Health and they denied giving me any blood tests. I explained my exposure, had pictures of worms, etc. Then, at Largo Medical Center in FL an ID doctor came to see me. I thought, "Thank God!" He walked in the room and simply told me without a physical exam or testing, that I did not have a disseminated infection. What a JOKE! Where are these doctors souls? Aren't they taught to do no harm? They are in the wrong profession if they deny parasites exist, deny tests, and deny treatments.
I have been equally dissatisfied to say the least by the pediatricians who are supposed to test and treat my children. Northeast Pediatrics in St. Petersburg, FL, has refused my request to test my kids via blood serology (ELISA, most accurate). Hyperinfection IS contagious via saliva (drank after me!) and they are neglecting their job to "treat all kids like their very own!" My kids do not deserve to suffer hyperparasitic infections. It may sound rare and crazy but it is VERY SERIOUS. Children (ages 3 and 7) being refused treatment, it's not even remotely ok. My 7 year old daughter has explained that she feels crawling under her skin on her foot, that she couldn't see to kill. She's 7 years old. She is not delusional. She is not being taken seriously. I am not at home, I am with my mom, so my daughter did not learn that from me. For crying out loud! This is what hyperinfection is. If she has described disseminated infection at the young, innocent age of 7, why isn't anybody doing anything?! Complacency is not acceptable.


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