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Lymes plus niacin flush ( equal liver damage?) by illys / elisah ..... Iodine Support & Discussion: Seaweed, Kelp, Lugols etc.

Date:   4/22/2015 11:36:12 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Wise question. Very short. 


That Q has risen several times, Trapper, in the back of my mind, especially in combination with autoimmune disease. 


Every person I speak with about diabetes points again and again to candida because of the susceptibility of diabetics to thrush, cancers, urinary tract infections, etc. 


Which is a narrow point of view over the bigger spectrum of infectious agents. 



Plathinator, have you tried vitamin C together with your salt pushes? 


That's a much preferred treatment among lyme sufferers. (some reading available from on the subject of high salt and C intake) 



discussing borellia//lyme families


"lymes, iron, magnesium and manganese are  connected"

( )


"lymes appears to cycle and be neurodegenerative (demyelinating) "

( story of a woman who's lyme -related conditions improved after treatment with 600 mg lithium carbonate // lithium and magnesium are very close on the minerals chart, magnesium is much preferred! )


"interestingly, lyme disease bacteria  utilise  manganese instead of iron, so supplementing  magnesium  to displace manganese may have utility !"

"not taking any magnesium and supplementing  manganese  and getting worse may be some sort of rough but effective diagnostic for the disease !"

( )


[A note about the mueller_ranges Andrew site - this person's take on iodine therapy is quite different, and the site discusses supplemental nutritional balancing. in some respects it's extremely useful for research. The business of being dependant upon a library of food supplements is something of question though.]




Depending upon the formula, a parasite cleanse can depend heavily upon cloves/clove oil. Cloves are very rich in manganese, which might explain why humaworm offers followup, specific treatments to mitigate specific conditions after the main humaworm cleanse: 

"We recommend the HUMAWORM Parasite Cleanse first - then any specialty microscopic parasite removers such as the Anti-Viral, Anti-Biotic, Lyme or Herpes - followed by Lung then Kidney - and the Liver Cleanse always last. " ( )


Humaworm does not rely as heavily on cloves as clarkia, and the humaniTea detox tea that comes with the parasite cleanse mixes should be heavy enough on magnesium to offset the manganese products. 



the least expensive test for lyme would likely be more IMAM (salt pushing) and high vitamin C intake (ascorbic acid)

IMAM includes potassium chloride

Prob with salt alone is it disrupts the potassium balance

"IMAM Improved Miracle Adrenal Mix (abbreviated IMAM) "



Lymephotos reccommends 1 gram sodium chloride USP tablets are reports the biggest issue is dihorrea, in the beginning of such treatments




Magnesium is one of the cofactors of iodine treatment, and addresses the manganese issues of borellia metabolisim. 

Since borellia thrive inside host cells (spirochete bacteria), magnesium may be the preferred treatment. 

(  ctrl+f and look for the word membrane, electrolyte/mineral balance is discussed, magnesium very high among them.) 




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