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Re: Please Help Me. by tygmusic ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/31/2015 5:32:30 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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praying for you, dear one. had it last year, now it's back
don't give up. keep searching threads on curezone
talk to your Creator.
I think there are more and more gmo airborne diseases
have been told that by people in the know
stay strong be at peace.

don't give up. go as natural as you can. medicines can be so hard on an immune system and organs that are already compromised

here's a great recipe for skin lotionfrom another poster here
it's for mites but i've found that when the body is compromised by strongyloids /internal parasites, the little skinnmites have an easier target.
be well.

"There is no way to kill scabies eggs once they have been laid in the skin. Only can be killed once they hatch. Approx 20 day scabies life cycle. It's taking me an incredibly long time to kill off my massive infection.

Ivermectin 4 days out of every 20. Taken at night.

Benzemul two days coverage (no shower between days) in middle of the 20 days iver.


Scabies Balm:
PER 100 Gm of 15% zinc oxide rash ointment add,
5 Drops Clove Essential Oil Use carefully-clove can burn
3 " Peppermint " "
2 " Thyme " "
2 " Oregano " "
2 " Eucalyptus " "
Break open 2 caps Vitamin E oil and add to mix.
(Adjust EO ratio to size of rash ointment container.) Stir well.
Apply after shower. Do not put on face.
Use disposable gloves to apply to badly infected areas (e.g. feet) in order to stop spreading infection around.

Also Add above EOs to shampoo. Preferably peppermint or rosemary shampoo.

Scalp spot treatment:'
In a small bottle
10 drops Clove essential oil Use caution with clove
3 " Peppermint " "
2 " Thyme " "
4 " Oregano " "
3 " Eucalyptus " "
Add 2 tablespoons neutral oil (eg grapeseed)to bottle, shake well. Use to dab on "nests" "crusted spots" on scalp. I use this instead of zinc oxide mix 'cause I found out just can't wash zinc oxide mix off the scalp/out of hair. Yay.

Shower (except when using 2 days of Benzemul):

Bentonite soap first. Including scalp. Rinse.
Followed by neem soap. Including scalp. Leave the neem soap on while rubbing 50/50 D.E./Baking soda everywhere. I mean everywhere.
Use disposable gloves. Treat hands first, then put gloves on. Periodically wash gloves off when working over badly infected areas. Shampoo hair with EO added shampoo.

Use a towel for hair, change towel daily or freeze/heat. Try not to use any towel on body. (Spreads infection.) Apply EO/zinc cream/lotions.

About every 3rd week switch to Noxzema (ORIGINAL) cream instead of EO Zinc mix for one week. (American Noxzema, not Canadian.) Do not get in eyes.

Clean house protocol...and heat or freeze anything worn more than once."

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