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An Epidemic of Absence by Anna Maria S ..... Allergies & Intolerance Forum

Date:   6/4/2015 5:45:33 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Moises talks about his amazing book "An Epidemic of Absence," which is a mashup of history and Science detailing our evolutionary relationships with parasites, bacteria, viruses...

Talking food allergies , Eczema, Asthma, and The Hygiene Hypothesis

“An Epidemic of Absence” is an adept mash-up of history and Science explaining how we humans have been co-evolving with parasites, bacteria and viruses so intimately, and for so long, that we are now metaphorically outsourcing some of our vital immune functions. Or at the very least, we’ve come to expect certain interactions, or battles, without which our immune systems miss key educational opportunities, deleteriously reacting to foods and pollens with allergies, or to our own bodies with autoimmune diseases.

Moises’ book reaffirmed my interest in probiotics, elucidating the latest research about how, depending on the strain, probiotics can either push the immune system closer to or further away from allergy. He inspired me to investigate helminthes, specifically TSO (trichisuris suis ova), and challenged me to think about allergies and asthma in a new way.

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