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COPD/heaves in horses by wendypape ..... Pulmonary Diseases Forum

Date:   6/5/2015 10:32:30 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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COPD/Heaves in a pony and a friend. I have been researching for an older friend of mine who has COPD. This time of year in the summer is hard for her... I recently purchased a pony that turned out to have Heaves/COPD and this weather is hard n her too. She does not seem to have the chronic heave line yet. She is on a track system which encourages a lot of exercise, some pasture, no barn or shavings.

I've been passionate about alternative remedies for years from ozone to peroxide, UT, CS, bach flower, homeopathy, EO's, Rife, herbs etc.

Anyhow, for now I have the pony on 50grams of sodium ascorbate that is divided up during the day, and 20,000 msm. I have found an alternative feed company and have free choice real salt, humic, kelp, DE, and minerals ... she looks absolutely fabulous, and certainly is improving. We are beyond the full on whooping type cough, and now she has days where she wheezes and rattles. Usually when the dose is decreased for whatever reason.

I messaged my ozone guy about the possibility of hooking up an oxygen mask to the pony to delivery the ozone from my medical ozone generator... he suggested injections would be better- outside my area of expertise.

Anyone have any other people testimonials (I can modify for horse) OR horse testimonials ??? Would love to do more if I can. Is it possible to completely reverse the condition or is it a life long management of the disease? Whats your opinoion?

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