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Re: to jf by etherealdrow ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/8/2015 2:35:28 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I have a question, in my stool lately since doing the diet and cleanse with antifungals and anti yeast supplements, the last three days I've seen frothy looking movements with, the best I can describe them is, mucus concealed Watermelon seeds all throughout my stool, a ton of them and ironically the same day I noticed these for the first time, the previous night I had started a Colon Cleanse supplement and that same morning I started a phylum husk regiment for movement and flushing. I have read on several other sites that what I described is indeed dead yeast being removed from my colon mucousol walls, yet all over this site everyone says that dead candida is pure white... im very confused. I feel great finally but I would like any feedback is possible. Plus I have candida in my ears, nose, sinuses, throat and mouth and lately my tongue is slowly turning pink again although its still white and lumpy in the very back due to post nasal drip, and last night and today when doibg my nasal rinses, I blew out pure white fluffy cottage cheese looking crap and my post nasal drip briefly stopped and also I had white flakes coming out of my ears after using hydrogen peroxide in them... both those instances ive been reading could be dead candida as well.... is this possibly candida finally dying off and leaving me?

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