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Depression, Worms have kept me from Living by oceanlife ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/17/2015 8:57:27 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I owe this parasitic infection to be the mysterious cause for so many years of my trouble.

I felt confident that I could kill them all, now it seems I have only barely begun this parasite killing brigade.

The worst part of it is that I think they are satanic creatures keeping me from my own spirit.

I often times feel attacked like they want me dead. I get very depressed about feeling sick all the time, I feel like parasites have caused serious Depression in my life.

Some of my symptoms have been alleviated slightly, however I am still feeling like I am constantly feeding new batches of parasites.

I also have had some serious damage of emotions and panic from these things, they were literally controlling me!

I also feel like I have predisposition to be negative, more than usual. Anytime I get somewhat happy, I feel like I have to salivate or drool, because it's them reacting to my foreign happiness.

This is more than exhausting way to live, and I'm actually not feeling like I am living. Even more so I am financially challenged, and I feel like this sickness has given me this feeling of lack and unworthiness, that is lacking my heart and spirit.

Sometimes, I have worked on literally thinking they would all die if I could simply forget them and live my life, and generally feel happy. then I get symptoms and i forget that I feel entitled to have a comfortable life, not controlled by parasites.

Maybe this Depression is keeping them alive. Depression is the lowest vibration of all feelings and moods, and if they need an acidic unhealthy environment, maybe this feeling is contributing to their health, and my sickness?

I don't know whats worse, waking up to horrendous teeth grinding at night, knowing that they are able to give me a poor nights sleep, and permanently dent my teeth whit holes near the gums, or feeling them move and make me itch randomly, just to let me know they are alive and well.

I literally feel like punching my own body in those areas, giving them a good smack, letting them know that this is not their home.

I question whether it was my fault that I contracted worms.
I also feel like these things maybe were setup to actually keep people from living, and if they are partly satanic, which I do believe they are in this way, then they are trying to slowly keep us a way from our health, until we get desperate, desperate enough until something bad happens.

I am not suicidal, I don't get why this is such an unruly disease, and I am disturbed that this species can rule my life.

How does one get happy, comfortable and healthy, when they are full of living worms? With serious symptoms I might add, and not to mention the various symptoms that occur to keep me isolated, ashamed, and ugly.


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