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Re: Ascaris in Brain: How to manage the die-off? by mattk3 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   6/21/2015 11:30:29 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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After 7 years i finally got an answer. Elisa test for ascaris. By then migration was going full tilt.

Very very difficult to kill. I take invermectin 200ucg/kg for night sweats (worm burst).

I (118kgs) take 400mg dec diethylcarbamazine and 1 tbs (750mg) piperazine citrate at 6pm, then i repeat at 11pm.

Ivm stops larvae in lungs and heart ... cold.
Dec kills larvae in brain and in all tissues.

Piperazine citrate kills eggs.

Epazote tea with boldo, felt helpful at 2-4 cups per day.

Msm, magnesium sulfate 1020mg/day to save liver
Kgp flush to save kidneys

Zinc sulfate hepahydrate 220 mg equals 50mg, i have done 3 to 27 per day. If mass explosion, use msm, bakingsoda water, magnesium citrate, ivm to quench firestorm explosions at your limit of pain.

Worms may burst at high levels of zinc sulfate.

AM Selenium,chromium,iodine,vandium,a lot of vitamin a ,a lot of vitamin c,d3,b50,cq10,ala,l carnitine ginkgo, berberine sulfate, fucoidan, larrea tridentata, barberry bark, elecampane, black cumin seed oil, nattokinase, sod, bioperine 3x. Oregon grape with occasional goldenseal.

Xyltol, probiotic 225, chitosan, caprylic acid saccharomyces may help balance gut bacteria in the early days. Do not take longterm.

PM small amount spirulina, saw palmetto, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate,
Ginger, dodder seed 20 to 1,corydalis, valerian root, gentian root, pumpkin seed oil, cina 1x, spigelia 2x.

Ascaris hate reeses pinworm medicine, but even monthly dose will not touch eggs or larvae.

Do not exceed ivm paste dose, if you do black will become white, and white will become black, with loss of color in vision.

Alb or meb did nothing for me.

After 6 months on alb, meb, ivm, dec, pzq, pyrantel pamoate, my elisa numbers only went down to test threshold, eyes still blurry, trembling stopped.

After few weeks of dec and piperzine, vision and brain slowly returning to normal.

In my experience, research, and reading, i firmly believe 3 months - 3 years will be required to kill all Ascaris eggs.

Dec and piperazine seem to work in unison.

The biggest challenge of my life far.

7 years, 23 doctors, repeated requests to tropical disease doctors, refusal by mayo and duke, and a very large sum of money to figure out which bug and how to treat.

Ascaris is not a simple worm to treat.

Avoid all spirits and coffee.

Good luck.


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