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Re: The truth about v1agra by grizz ..... Erectile Dysfunction - Impotence Support

Date:   7/9/2015 11:54:50 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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My friend,
Glad you asked. All the Kings Horses and all the kings men have not solved my last health problem: Prediabetes. I am now focusing on that problem, see the Diabetes Forum for discussions. v1agra is a miracle drug that does exactly what we want it to do. It boosts Nitric Oxide to the genitals. Less is more. Always start at the lowest dosage to avoid the many side effects.

Nitric Oxide is a natural treatment for ED that was developed as a result of Dr. Ignarro's research into heart disease. He was given the Nobel Prize for his discoveries of Nitric Oxide curing high blood pressure, heart disease and many other diseases involving poor blood flow to the organs. In many cases, his natural supplements do cure Erectile Dysfunction without the need for v1agra, as confirmed by T2T.

Beginning at age 30 or so, our natural production of Nitric Oxide goes into a steep decline, plummeting by 50% every 10 years. This results in heart disease, clogged arteries, problems with blood starved organs and dysfunction of genitals in both men and women. Dr. Ignarro describes in his book, "NO More Heart Disease" how to boost Nitric Oxide to youthful levels with natural inexpensive supplements. Restore optimal health by boosting Nitric Oxide to youthful levels. Use Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips to help measure your progress,

Complete details here in my new report, "Heart Disease & Diabetes Solutions:"

Best to all,


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