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Testimonials for reversing Arthritis Pain by grizz ..... Arthritis: Osteo & Psoriatic

Date:   7/18/2015 1:16:25 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Serrapeptase is an inexpensive supplement that cures inflammation and relieves pain among many other miracles.

ByElskabaron October 18, 2013
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
Since I started using this product I have all but stopped using four asthma Meds. It also helped me with chronic Arthritis in my whole body. I had forgotten what it was like to wake up without a back ache...

ByK. Polk "megatalker"on February 1, 2014
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
When I first heard about Serrapeptase I was skeptical. I googled it and saw positive reviews, so I decided to try it. I am so amazed at the pain relief, I can hardly believe it! I've been suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis for years. I have not been able to do heavy work for about 10 years. I started taking Serrapeptase last Monday and already this week I was able to spend 6 hours scraping wallpaper on Wednesday and 2 hours shoveling snow on Saturday! No pain! This is truly amazing! I can recommend this enough!

ByMikon October 28, 2014
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
I have been taking this product for almost 4 months now. I am 55 years old and have had Arthritis and spinal stenosis which has caused severe sciatica pain for the last 15 years. I have not wanted to take prescription meds for pain and have tried everything imaginable. I have had pain to some degree every day for 15 years. This product has been the first thing to give me relief. I take three capsules every morning on an empty stomach. It didn't work immediately but over time I noticed I was actually have some pain-free days which has been a miracle for me. I started out taking 1 capsule per day and slowly am up to 3 and I do believe this may be the correct dose for me. I think the dosage may vary from person to person. I am writing this review to hopefully help another person who has suffered with arthritis. I also have noticed that it has helped my sinus's too. This product took some time for me but I am so glad that I waited it out and know now that it clearly works for me. I am so thankful for this product,

ByM. Jacobs "M. Jacobs"on September 27, 2012
I have been taking Serrapeptase now for a year my severe Arthritis in my knees vanished. I have fibroids they have shrunk and am pain free from them. tried to stop taking the serrapeptase to see if anything would happen and after about a second week my pain and stiffness started to kreep up in my knees;i began taking it again and pain and stiffness went away :) I'd rather take this everyday then pain medicine that would harm me.

ByChristine Bartletton October 30, 2013
Size: 90 count
I first purchased the 120,000 strength and took 2 caps 3 times a day and gradually reduced to 2 caps in the morning. I was on prescription arthritis medication for the arthritis in my lower spine. Pain from that made it very painful to walk most of the time. The prescription medication only lasted as long as my shift at work and being the max. strength could only take 1 per day. Serrapeptase has really made a huge difference in my life as far as the pain in the last 3 months of use. I was afraid to stop my medication so continued to take it for the first month of Serrapeptase use and started to gradually work down to taking zero meds. The anti inflation properties have given me freedom from the fear of the pain. I am not yet 60 yrs old and work in retail so to have no pain allows me to do my job of lifting, bending etc daily. It has helped me so much that when I see my doctor and do not need a prescription med refill, he will be surprised. I was afraid my stomach would be eaten away with the arthritis medication since it is so strong so looked for a more natural answer for my situation and have found it. I have a bad heart valve that is being monitored also and hope this can help clear the calcium buildup that is causing the valve to not close 100%. I have noticed I have far less heart palpitations than previous so I am hopeful Serrapeptase is helping with this as well.

ByAmazon Customeron April 6, 2013
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
Besides the great price and fast arrival serrapeptase rocks great for removing scar tissue and swelling and also helps with swelling and inflammation of arthritis.

ByVicki L. Perkins "Vicki Perkins"on December 9, 2013
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
This product has helped with my arthritis so much. I know my knee still has it but it is not aching and hurting me any more. Same with both thumbs and shoulders. Felt a big difference after about 2 1/2 months.

ByDeborah Geeon February 12, 2015
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
Worked wonders for my arthritis of the spine. Have recommended this product to many.

ByBookTootsie "Book Tootsie"on March 24, 2015
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
My mother and I started to take this to see if it would help keep the arteries clean. She had scans 2 years ago, and they are better, clearer now, and her cholesterol was perfect. My cholesterol is always high, but was much lower this time, and at 62, my artery scan shows no significant build up. She has had arthritis all her life, so this hasn't "cured" her, but if it helps keep the pain even a little lower, we appreciate that, too. I also tried putting a little on my toothbrush every night, then asked the hygienist her opinion of my plaque buildup. She said "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it." I only had one spot under the gum line.

ByLizzyon August 5, 2014
Size: 90 countVerified Purchase
I started taking this on the recommendation of a friend, who uses it to help with arthritis creakiness. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that it has a HUGE effect on sinus inflammation, which has always been a problem for me (Oklahoma allergies. Sigh.) My need for Sudafed has greatly abated. It's worth taking for that alone.

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