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Wormwood Complex Side Effects by #199955 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/20/2015 2:25:37 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I've been reading a lot about parasites, and so I have decided to do a cleanse.

I purchased the NOW Fresh Green Black-Walnut Wormwood Complex and took a half dropper full in the evening, and then the next morning.

This was a few days ago. On Saturday, I was out and about walking and noticed that I was having some difficulty breathing. I don't usually have any difficulty like that and I don't have asthma or high blood pressure or anything.

I also noticed some strange the feeling of a blood vessel throbbing first on the right side of my head, then the left side of my head.

I also felt my tooth throb...first on the right, then the left side of my mouth. None of these sensations lasted for more than a few seconds.

So I decided not to take the next dose to see if the sensation went away. It did. So I decided this morning to try again. I took another half dropper full in water.

Then this afternoon, I had the same sensation of difficulty breathing. I also felt this evening a slight burning sensation in my right upper lung area. A few times I felt a little slight chest pain. Again these sensations only lasted for a few seconds.

A bit of background....I'm basically healthy, with the exception that I've been spilling protein in my urine for the last two years. Last year, I saw a kidney specialist who tested me for everything and I also had an ultrasound.

The doctor couldn't find anything except he said I had a few kidney stones. But he said that kidney stones don't cause protein to spill in the urine.

So he wanted to do a biopsy...I was like, "Not!" So I decided to instead make some changes to my diet. Because I knew I was drinking too much coffee, eating far too much chicken and cheese and I felt that I was probably consuming too much protein and all the caffeine was taxing my kidneys.

So it's only recently that I was disciplined enough to drastically cut back on the meat and I stopped drinking coffee for 30 days.

However, I still have some symptoms that I'm trying to figure out if they are because of the kidney issue, or something else.

For instance, I have had itchy skin mostly at night for the last several years. But it's mostly on my lower legs. And sometimes it is the same spots on my lower legs. Like this one spot near my knee that I scratch all the time.

Only a few weeks ago did I notice that there is a slight rash where I scratch all the time.

I also have itching in my pubic area (again usually at night), but I think it's because I leak a little urine sometimes (I'm female), and the uric acid is irritating my skin.

So from these symptoms, you can see why I want to do a parasite cleanse. Except the difficulty breathing symptoms are something that I've never had until I started taking the Wormwood complex.

Now I'm thinking that I may be allergic to nuts (which I've never been aware of a nut allergy in my life), and as I get older (I'm in my 40's), my skin is becoming more and more sensitive to everything. Deodorant for instance is something else that causes me a lot of itching.

So I guess my question is, do you think the Wormwood complex is the cause of the difficulty breathing? Again, the symptoms only seem to last for a few minutes or even seconds.

The other question is, do you have any suggestions on cleanses or something that I can do to help my kidneys?

One other thing...I noticed that the wormwood complex is making my stool very green. Is this normal?


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