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Yeast infections and constipation by Sazy123 ..... The Candida Diet

Date:   7/24/2015 5:13:08 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi dr Combs,

I have a few questions. I've been struggling with recurrent yeast vaginal infections for two years. They did a typing and it came back as sacchramylsis cervicae (sp?), I was surprised I thought it was albicans. Meds they gave me are resistant- Fluconazole. I'm waiting on more results on other meds.
Are other strains of yeast treated the same way as candida via the candida diet, antifungals etc? What would you suggest.
Weirdly at the time they took the swab I was taking sacchramylsis boulardi (which is a cousin of the above yeast and a study showed it has caused infections in immune suppressed patients. I am otherwise healthy). I have stopped taking it now.

I have been on a no sugar, no fruit, high veg, whole grain diet for 2 years but no success. I need to eat 2-3 cups of whole grains/day to have one bowel movement a day. Maybe I'm eating to much. But if I don't I become constipated! I've tried many remedies for constipation in the past when attempting to eat lower carb but they haven't worked. I'm willing to try more.

I've been detoxing heavy metals for two years and all other symptoms are all but gone, except vaginal yeast infections!! I have die off and detox symptoms from just my body killing it off I.e gurgling for hours even when haven't had antifungals or eaten anything. I'm doing nutritional balancing science.

But these yeast infections persist! Help

Thanks for your help.


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