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Dyshidrotic Eczema: My journey to relief by Adie8 ..... Dyshidrotic Eczema, Pompholyx Support Forum

Date:   7/24/2015 10:30:14 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Ok everyone I'm new here but I REALLY wanted to share my story because it wasn't something that I found when I started this terrible journey!

I've never had sensitive skin but since having my daughter 11 months ago strange things have been a happening! First I had tiny itchy, clear bumps all over and the doctor gave me oral and topical steroids. But a few months later I wore a really cool wooden ring to cover a tattoo on my finger for work and suddenly I had a small rash under the ring. I stopped wearing the ring assuming this would stop the issue, allowing my finger to breathe and heal. But the itching intensified and soon the rash went from a few bumps to clusters of tiny blisters all around my finger. The itch was unbearable and my skin was so sensitive it hurt to even touch my fingers together! After some research I found out I had Dyshidrotic Eczema. This eczema shows up on the edges of your feet and hands as small itchy blisters, women get it more than men and it can come from wet hands, nickle, aNY kind of allergy really. I tried EVERYTHING...I used my left over topical steroids, cortizone cream, topical benadryl, oral benadryl and even hydrogen peroxide....but nothing really helped. I was searching all over the net to find SOMETHING to help me other than more prescriptions! I came across a few posts thay recommended apple cider vinegar and bandages...I tried straight 5% apple cider vinegar and waterproof bandaids for a few days. I was pretty pleased with what happened, the worst o the blister clusters went down and nothing more seemed to appear. But I was still in so much pain and so so itchy!!!!!!! Finally I turned to my retired, crazy, hippy dad for some essential oil help. I hadn't read a thing about others using them but I was to the point of just cutting my finger off!!!!! My dad looked a few things up in his book of potions, and made me a tiny vile of miracle juice!!!! I started applying it that night, with no covering...and using a light coat of benadryl cream to keep the area hydrated. I reapplied after every hand washing, and every few hours as I felt the itching return. By the next morning the horrible swelling my knuckle had been a victim to was gone and the horrible side of blisters was a flat red blob that didn't itch or sting!!! By the end of my first full day the remaining blisters had almost become flat, and the large single blisters on the palm side of my knuckle had become tiny red dots....nothing inside them...just weed dots!!!! I still felt a but if the itch in the small remaining blisters, but the second I applied my potion it stopped. This concoction saved my finger's life and my sanity!!!! I really recommend these crazy oils...they're powerful little things!!!

Here are the components my dad used:

Witch-hazel and rose base (this made up most of the liquid) - the witch-hazel relieves the itching and the rose works as an anti inflammatory to stop any swelling

Peppermint (quite a few drops more than the other oils) - this helps cool any burning being caused by the itch

Lavender (just a few drops) - this helps soothe the rash as well as's good to be relaxed especially because Dyshidrotic Eczema can be caused by stress!!

Tea tree oil (equal amount to the lavender) - this dries up those terrible, terrible blisters!! This oil is the most important I feel, because it really treats the problem (blisters) rather than just the symptoms.

I'm so happy with how this has helped me!! I really hate going to the doctor constantly because 1) it seems suspicious or something and 2) I feel they just kinda give everyone the same thing for everything just to get you in and out. I never believed the essential oil hype but now I am happily on thay band wagon!! I hope someone else can benefit from my journey to relief :)

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