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Re: Parasites in head by oceanlife ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/23/2015 10:55:35 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I had big ones and several small ones trying to get out my body through my skull and they kept bumping off of it. this was back in march/april

I was bed ridden for a month
taking massive amounts of herbs, listening to frequencies,
and eating a ton of cleansing foods. pounds of pomegranate juice, carrots, pumpkin seeds, chia, seeds, aloe vera drinks, etc.

I would also recommend popping 10-15 Coq10 pills a few times basically buy a bottle and take all of it in 3 days. take the 10-15 dose at one time.

If you take vitamins, the worms get full off of vitamins. I would stay away from vitamin supplements, and boost your immune system with minerals. trace minerals, Sea Salt , etc.

i am still stuck with these things, however I can get off my bed and live after the serious sickness i had before. I was shitting out worms for almost 2 months everyday at the time when they scattered.

they all wake up at the same time and start moving in my body, the little ones, so I know I still have them, to a lesser degree, at least now.

i felt the huges ones though when they made jerky movements when i played the music they could barely move, and then i know at that point the movement stopped.

i can feel slight movement everywhere from time to time, however they are sadly the small ones.

Now I feel like the eggs they left behind are growing, however at this point I am trying to get by, and deal with it for now.

the pinworms are the ones that are really pissing me off.

If you have a worms in you head, play these

i feel like if you wear the headphones, the frequencies easily connected to the brain and when your mind and brain is linked with the frequencies, it slowly kills them. like instead of using the zapper, you put these freequencies through the headphone and its like zapping them. Mind you when they were dying I played some of these frequencies for 7-8 hours straight for a few days if not a week, very intense. I'm not kidding it's crazy however if you have big worms slithering in your brain, this is one thing they HATE.


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