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Re: comprehensive stool test results and other test results! by longterm ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   8/27/2015 1:57:45 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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We all probably have different types of bacteria in our gut, but more of the bad bacteria than the good bacteria. I would focus on taking more lactobacillus, but make sure you eat fiber with it or it will not work. I doubt you have intestinal permeability. With my celiac disease, some doctors assume you have intestinal permeability. Test results showed that I did not have it (before I went on a gluten-free diet). Overall, it was expected that you had more bad bacteria than good bacteria in your gut. That is how most people end up unless they stuck to a healthy Diet and avoided Antibiotics , etc. most of their lives.

Everyone has candida in their mouth. When I have referred to possible yeast infection on my own lips, I was mainly referring to overgrowth of yeast in mouth which got into cracks or raw areas of lips to infect them. I think the biggest factor in my case was inflammation as well as having a weaker skin barrier in lip area due to genetic defect or something.

Younger people like yourself have higher levels of DHEA.

I can't say much about cortisol levels since my levels have been normal in tests, but I don't know if onyl appears that way because my adrenals have been overworking themselves to keep up.

My zinc levels have been low as well. But my chromium and selenium levels were within normal range.

My arsenic levels were on high side before.

There are so many different parasites so it is still possible to still have a parasite since you were not tested for all parasites.

I have not had h. pylori.

Since different gut bacteria testing companies test for different things, it is a good idea to get it tested at more than one company.


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