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Re: Final Thoughts on my being cured of Candida by frostymug ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/30/2015 9:48:48 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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1) When I say that conditions in phase 1 are not favorable for probiotics I am referring to the strict diet being unable to feed and support growth of probiotics in the gut. I think it is important in the beginning to focus on just reducing the yeast levels in the body. Phase 1 attacks yeast by depriving it of the food it loves and also by supplying supplements that kill yeast. After 3 to 6 months of this protocol yeast levels are sufficiently reduced to allow the probiotics a chance to compete and overtake the yeast. I found out that taking just probiotics even in high doses will not allow colonization of the gut. Prebiotics must also be supplied to feed the probiotics. The two best prebiotics I believe are lactulose and Galactomune. I don't feel that they feed candida to any significant degree but I haven't seen any scientific studies on that. It is possible that FOS, inulin, and chickory may feed candida a little bit so this is why I have these 2 phases and don't start out supplying probiotics and prebiotics in phase 1.

2) In phase 3 you can phase antifungals and antibiofilm supplements out based on whether or not you have any die-off symptoms or see any yeast in your poop or enema flushes. After 3 months of phase 2 in my case I felt like all of the yeast was gone. I want to emphasize again the importance of never taking harsh antifungals during phase 1 & 2: any essential oil like oregano oil, Colloidal Silver , grapefruit seed extract, high dose iodine, Turpentine and even possibly garlic. These will kill probiotics and cause further gut dysbiosis. They are like taking penicillin which we know is the number 1 cause of candidiasis. I feel that in phase 2 the probiotics when they are fed and flourish and colonize the gut are able to eliminate yeast in the upper part of the colon which is the hardest area to kill yeast using antifungals. The antifungals are mostly absorbed into the blood before they can reach that area to do any good. Probiotics however can flourish in that area and while they don't directly kill the yeast they crowd-out and out-compete the yeast. They also change the pH of the colon which disfavors yeast growth or at least changes the yeast to the bud form (non invasive harmless form). The reason some people never get cured of candida is because of this upper colon area (the cecum) which is a hideout for the yeast. They may kill tons of yeast above this area with antifungals and they may kill lots of yeast in the lower colon with enemas but as long as the cecum is untouched it will reinfect the rest of the body when it gets a chance.

3) Liver support should be done at the very beginning. In fact, it probably makes sense to start liver support protocol 2 weeks before taking any antifungals. That way, when die off occurs the liver will have detoxed sufficiently to handle the toxins that will occur during die-off. You can drop liver support in phase 3 if you want. I personally continue to take milk thistle extract and NAC just for general good health reasons.

3) If your Amalgam extraction is going to happen in a month I wouldn't let that change anything with your yeast protocols.

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