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acid reflux/gastritis/ TAPEWORM !! by Addleddoodle ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/12/2015 9:31:15 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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dr's just don't listen!! Two years almost now, dealing with abdominal issues and weight loss. Every time I would ask if there was any way it could be a parasite. Absolutely not, and we will not even entertain that, and let's treat this and this and this instead, no meds, no treatments worked. Less than a month ago I posted some pics here thinking the family had pinworm and something else utterly bizarre. Turns out, no pinworms, utterly bizarre is undigested pineapple, but the treatment of wormwood and black walnut began an entirely new development. Cramping, "seeds" in stool, incredible abdominal pain, and a fever. After 10 days of no improvement and a dr. Appointment that went south, I went to the ER with stool samples and obviously high pain levels. Guess who got completely shut down? Guess who was told it was just gastritis and have some Pepcid? And that tapeworm is too rare to even bother looking at what I brought? And asked if I was anorexic? Because stress does weird things to your body! And my gut feeling was wrong... I left so defeated. No one wanted to help that I was skeletal, no one wanted to look at what I knew the problem was, and I felt like I was literally wasting away. Which, I was, technically. And of course the icing on the cake is that gastritis can be caused by parasites! And I don't drink, wasn't given an antibiotic, and don't consume high levels of caffeine. Finally! I sent this photo to my aunt who is a PA, and a prescription was called in. I am astounded how messed up and intolerable the medical system is in the U.S. So, after all that, I have faith in at least parasite detoxing that at least got it started for me. I'm sure if I had kept it up longer than a week with the enemas (it was after the ACV enema the pain started and I thought I screwed up something) I would have been doing a great start in cleansing. Here's the very start of my journey to the end of the tapeworm road I hope!

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