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You should not itroduce any complex Foods by Anna Maria S ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   9/13/2015 1:58:03 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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"Do you think that during the Water Fast my allergies disappear?"

Dear, I think it is possible, but only if the main trigger for Your eczema and Your allergies is something in Your diet, and also only if you are able to keep Your intestines 100% clean from any Foods you consumed prior to fasting.
Some People loose all bowel movements, once they start Water Fast ... but, undigested Food they ate before fasting may still be stored in their intestines.

As a result, that Food may keep poisoning you and keep causing (triggering) both eczema and allergies.

If I were you, I would make sure my intestines are very clean before starting the water fast, and if you haven't done it already, do it now.
Clean water enema is probably the easiets way to quickly empty Your large intestine from anything staying there for days.

Once Your large intestine is clean, any Food rests left in the upper digestive tract will also move further down.
That is why taking water enema several days in the raw may help especially to People With eczema, allergies and seb-derm.

You Write:
"And when I stop my fasting and introduce eat again: Should I eat for example one day just bread (obviously bread in his most whole form without any additives) and see how I react? If I react bad to it, isnt there a possibility that I react to it like three days later? That would mean, that I have to do a couple of days a waterfast each time after I introduce a new meal?"

Most People suffering from itch/ecema react really fast to the introduction of New Food.

If you consume some Food that triggers itch and eczema, you may develop itch already within a few secinds or up to a few hours from consuming that Food.

Yes, some People react already within secinds from chewing or swallong trigger Food.

It is rare for a trigger Food to not cause any itch for a Whole day, but to trigger itch 2 or 3 days later.
That would be more likely in People With severe dysbiosis, where certain Foods would promote Growth of harmful bacteria or yeast, that would release toxins and cause eczema 2-3 days later.

At the end of Your fast, you should not itroduce any complex Foods!
You may Waste Your fast by introducing complex Foods that may trigger long lasting eczema flare.

Bread is a complex Food.

Even the best bread is still made from at least 4 ingredients, wheat, water, yeast and salt, and almost each one of those ingredinets may be eczema trigger, or may contain something that is eczema trigger.

You should first find answers to the most simple questions.

Simple questions related to bread are:

Can I tolerate wheat?
Can I tolerate yeast?
Can I tolerate table salt ?

You take a cup of Whole wheat, you soak it for 24-48 hours, and you chew it raw.
If it causes no itch, you now know you are not intolerant of wheat or gluten.

If it causes no itch, the next day you can boil it for 1 hour, and see if that boil wheat is ok With you.

The Third day, you can mix wheat flour With water, make flat pancakes, and see if that is ok Food.

Then you can test yourself for yeast.
You ma try small amount of raw yeast.

After you have tested all single bread ingredients, over several days, and it appears it is not triggering eczema, then you can test yourself on Your favorit bread.

That is how Science work.

If you do react to bread... you will at least know that you are not intolerant of:
- wheat
- gluten (part of wheat)
- wheat flour
- yeast

There are People who try pizza on the elimination diet, they get reaction, and they conclude:
"I am gluten intolerant", I can't eat pizza.

The only problem With this conclusion is that pizza they tried contained 20 ingredinets, and there is no way you can be 100% sure it is gluten you react to.

I think you get the point.

So, for the best results With Your water fast, please keep you intestines clean during the Whole fast .. water enema or colonics being the least invasive way to achieve clean colon.

Only when your intestines are 100% clean, and you stil have eczema, can you be 100% sure that Your eczema may have more than just dietarry triggers, and in that case you should look for triggers like:

- steroids withdrawal
- different plant pollens
- cat or dog dander
- flame retardants in Your mattress or pillow
- flame retardants in the rest of Your furnitures.
- interior Paints
- something in the water you drink, pollutants, fluoride, chlorine, etc
- laundry detergents
- pesticides used in Your home to kill ants or roaches
- pesticides used around Your home
- black mold¨




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