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Re: Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, says remarkable patient by #461 ..... News Forum

Date:   9/25/2015 8:43:02 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Believe me--with a double masters in systems counseling, I know how it all works--at least according to the Zionists hybrid's version behind most every higher learning institution. Luckily my masters program wasn't in any elite owned school. The approach we used was more along the lines of using your authentic self (which meant learning who that actually was) and feelings to figure out what the client really had going on and then the techniques to help them. But the most important thing was to be an authentic self through it all.

I'm pretty sure that asshat 'professor' was in fact sent to shred the program because it was so effective--which as I mentioned, he did. Oh how the hybrid 'vultures' , leaders of the 'elites' from the background, really love it when humans accept their version of stuff without question; it means it was money well spent (all they care about is money and enslaving/destroying us) to do all that research into 'marketing' aka more effective propaganda to manipulate and control us better.

Concerning that whole 'elites' thing--just like I told parazapper--I've learned anything the trolls attack viciously, is probably something they're being paid to try and get people to disbelieve. Since I just lost my 'puter (destroyed it, they did!) to a FACEBOOK (the company itself!) hack because I outted this gal as a troll and talked about all this stuff over there, I can't think of a more obvious example of there being something they're trying to get me to shut up about, eh? Trolls attack me constantly although I think lately they've figured out that it only makes them look like fools, not me, so they've backed off some (other than that gal obviously). They would try up one side and down the other, for weeks even to try and get me to stop--why would they bother if there wasn't something to what I was saying, eh?

Anyway, I've discovered that the body mind is a lot more than just a data manipulator though--it is actually alive with it's own spirit which usually goes along to your next body with you. As I said, it's very capable of communication and thought and, just like with any one, sitting down and listening are about all you need really need to do if the comm lines are turned back on--it just doesn't have the brain type thoughts. It has plenty of it's own wisdom though, and it's quite valuable, I'm finding. Finally getting to know mine and ending that antagonistic relationship has been a treat.

It does get programmed by all those things, true, but the part the hybrids don't want you to know is it also brings along memories of past lives and that programming. If for example you have what seems a totally irrational fear, say like drowning for which there doesn't seem any explanation for from your current life, it's your body mind, pulling up a probably recent past life where you drown and doing it's best to protect you from making the same mistake this life.

I started out using EFT in that same limited capacity you mention, but because of Gary's admonishment to try it for everything, I did--I've done massive healing stuff to stop pain and encourage my body to heal faster, usually a cut or bruise will be gone nearly overnite if I remember to tap, otherwise it's more normal like a week, depending how bad it is; I've cleared stuck liver stones in minutes long before they get painful; I've stopped barking dogs and rats trying to move into the attic for years now. I even fixed the windshield wipers that kept cutting out--had been for years, but after I tapped, they never did it again. So I knew there was more to it than just tricking your unconscious mind. It had real power to fix things if you tapped for the right thing.

And I've run with it--plus I've learned muscle testing for answers. My chiropractor in fact just mentioned an article he'd read in one of his journals that was about a study they did to test the accuracy of various testing methodologies-and actually included muscle testing. The results--muscle testing came in at 90% and lab tests clear down at 70%. Your body mind knows the answers, especially to your body's issues. Of course, you have to ask the right questions, just like you need to tap for the right thing.

I've found that if you preface your question asking session with making it clear you want only the highest objective truth, you consistently get solid answers. If you don't, it may well answer based on what you or society or what some authority wants you to believe, and you'll get a false answer.

Also future stuff is tricky--it'll answer for the truth right now--like will joe and I get married. In that moment it sees yes. But 5 minutes from now, joe gets killed in a car accident, which changes everything and now it's obviously a no. It can't really tell what future will happen. It just goes with what's true right now. The only way you might get the winning lotto numbers is if you were able to pick each number right before they drew theirs--but other than that--nope.

As for SciFi writing--I tried it at various times across my life but always ran out of ideas. I have 4 or 5 half finished stories that I never could think of how to finish, Blah. My skill is writing, not story telling. I'm just repeating what I've learned along the way though--so no imagination involved. While I suppose I could pretend this was all a story I brilliantly was making up--I hate lying and that just seemed way too duplicitous, even though it would make things easier. You know--kinda along the lines of a parable.

But I'm always open to new info---I've not learned about any faster way. There's that body code thing and I think this method called the healing code thing where you wiggle your fingers and hands around just so, but nothing else. I've actually found with muscle testing I can do EFT pretty fast any more. But if you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to know what might be faster, eh?.

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