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Re: I literally can't eat ANY carbs (Not even Garlic) by Megamonroe ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/26/2015 3:08:26 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Ok so.pretty much all the symptoms you stated and foods etc are the same exact thing my boyfriend had
He was given a stool sample kit by Dr. ONLY because in pretty much forced the Dr to give.him one... They figured out it was a parasite from mold/moldy water. He was put on Antibiotics for the parasite. Not only did these NOT work...they gave him a allergic reaction and caused his electrolytes to drop so low.. We were in the ER bc he couldn't stand up to pee anymore. I did my research and after the ER Dr insisted he would be fine continuing on with the Antibiotics , I said screw these damn drs.I bought a bottle of parasite Cleanse from Nutracraft off within a cpl weeks hr started noticing a difference... After the whole bottle was done hr was 75-80% better.. I did more research and after the bottle was done... He started taking diatomaceous earth... Its usually used in gardening but there is also a food/water grade kind that is not toxic for human consuption. What this stuff is, is finely ground up seashells that when taken will dry out and rip up the parasite while killing off eggs..he was constipated and had bad stomach cramps the first couple days but these were sure sign the parasie was being destroyed. He took 1 teaspoon then worked way up to 1 tablespoonful per day mixed in with some kind of food or shake.
Please try these two remedies as I'm almost 100%,positive it for you... Good luck

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