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Re: Help identifying a parasite by mattk3 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/26/2015 7:07:30 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I was able to order a few tests on the internet. The test has a piece of paper, two dropper bottles, and a finger prick device.

I think it is a crime that these 5 dollar tests do not show up everywhere. I saw several tests were available in China and Taiwan. You may want to look on the internet for sources that sell the test at less than 300 units at a time.

As to how you identify your particular parasite, it is difficult. I read tens of thousands of papers. They all make it up, since no real practice had been done in decades. I emailed the CDC, they gave me a short list of the three websites I had already tried. They do not realize no one diagnoses these illnesses.

So basically there are a set of illness descriptions that are mostly wrong, and the actual symptoms are bizarre and not in the history books.

Keeping it simple:

Weight loss that is severe is usually small worms.

Sharp, almost blinding pain in the gut can be liver flukes or tapeworms.

Worms that move around the body, skin, organs, are mostly round.

Skin and hair symptoms can be helpful.

parasites usually identify their type, by showing up in a particular part of the body.

In my case I had a mystery illness for 8 years, I had bouts of white urine, that went from occasional to weekly. It was worms chewing through the lymph system, and turning my kidneys into Swiss cheese. 22 doctors were clueless, so don't be hard on yourself, if you find the identification process time consuming or laborious. There are several experts on this forum, who have this thing, or that other thing. If you read back in history, there are some 9000 parasite posts. I spent days reading hundreds of them, in the early days, just to get the gist of what was going on. I searched for the cause for years. This is the best forum I found.

I found the process of identifying my parasite difficult, and I worked from September 2014 to June 2015 to positively identify my worm. I knew I had a parasite when I took a dose of Invermectin, and my symptoms abated. Knowing you have a parasite is half the battle, identifying it is the other half.

Once I knew what parasite I had, it was only a matter of reading the kg/mg studies, and I eventually found some eastern European countries that published actual dosing levels for Ascaris that spread throughout the body, and how high one had to dose.

I wish I could tell you it is a easy straightforward process, but it is not. Creativity counts when it comes to parasites.

Does your country have animal clinics, you may be able to order the test kits from them.


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