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Re: Support by mattk3 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/3/2015 1:39:14 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Do not go into shock.

CQ10 2 Grams, ALA (AM) 2Grams L Carnitine 2 Grams, 6 Grams Spirulina, 3 Grams Charcoal. Drink MSM water 1teaspoon per glass with 1/4 teaspoon bakinsoda. up to 2 teaspoons baking soda can be used if your ph tongue is less than 5. Take with lots of distilled water.

White Willow Bark asprin, it is strong, keep it less than 3 every 12 hours.

Ginkgo will help circulation, keep it less than 3 every 12 hours.

I will send you a immune system email I just sent out.

Magnolia seed, extract and rosehip seed tea will keep you alive.

I am available to help, just email me. I have saved many, As bad as you are now, I was worse.

It can be done.

Piperazine Citrate, 1 tbs twice a day. It will change everything. The citrate I use has 250mg/teaspoon, 750 mg/tablespoon. It breaks down ammonia, uric acid, paints parasites for your immune system, and kills eggs in the brain. Very essential for round worm or tape worm infections. Take with a large glass of water to prevent dehydration from piperazine.

Get your PH up to 6 or 7.
Spirulina. Algae is the best.

Antiparasitics and Immune system will not work if you are low in magnesium, potassium, Zinc, Calcium. The body in acidosis cannot fight to live another day,

Magnesium Sulfate 1030 mg /D flushes the liver. Every Day.
Magnesium Citrate 133mg/D. Every Day.
Potassium Citrate 99mg/D Every Day.

My best formula:
Vitamin List

"Dark Tea'

AM - 6 AM
+ Core (see list of core vitamins below)
Magnesium CITRATE - (1) AM 133mg Source Naturals Product#02100 Swanson SN536
Magnesium Sulfate (1) AM 1030mg CAPSULE ( Epsom Salt USP) Dr Hula Clark cap 100 ct 10552-100
MSM (1-4) Swanson SWU656 1000mg cap – Methylsulphonylmethane
Cordalysis (1) 400mg Full Spectrum 60 Veg Caps, Swanson Item #: SW1616
Goldenseal Root (1-2) 570 mg Natures Way 13900 (taper quickly as infection under control)
Oregon Grape Root (1) 500mg Natures way 14159
EGCG (1-2) 400mg EGCG “Green tea EXTRACT” Jarrow Green Tea 17007 500mg or NOW 4704
Potassium (1) Potassium citrate 99mg capsule NOW 01448,
B3 Niacin or Nicotinamide (1) 30mg
ALA (0-2) (AM only) NOW Foods 3045B, Testing “AM “ only

“LIGHT” Tea (1/2 – 1 Cup)

PM 5-6 PM
“LIGHT” and or “DARK” Tea (1/2 – 1 Cup)
+ Core (see list of core vitamins below)
Cloves (1) 500mg Dr Clark Store 10321
Rose hip Seed extract capsule (1-4) 750mg 100% Pure Danish Rose Hips, Swanson Ultra Item: SWU424 or rosehip seed tea, seeds from mountain rose herbs, grind in coffee maker krupps.
Saw Palmetto Berries (1) NOW Foods 4748
Natures Plus-Source of Life (1-2-3) P#03058 w 18MG IRON-AMINOATE, Swanson NTP035, Spectrum amino
Sago Palm (0-1) Buffered Vit-C Caps (Corn Free) 1500mg 100 Caps Item #: Twin lab - Swanson TL135
Ginger Root (1) 550 mg Nature’s Way 13108
Guaifenesin (0-1) 600 mg Guai-AID 00026
Dodder seed (2) extract 600mg 20:1 60-Cap, Barlowes Herbal Elixars – Tu Si Zi, $12.95
Corydalis and Angelica Yan husuo (1) 8g-equivialant extract Yanhusuo with angelica root
Bai zhi Kannon Pharamaceutical K003 TCMZone LLC - yuanhu zhi tong
White Willow Bark (0-1) 500mg Swanson SWH148
Valerian root extract (1-2) (Swanson SWH069 200mg 0.8%) for sleep
Horse chestnut (1) 300mg NOW 4713 std. 20% Aescin
½ glass Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice extract capsules (1) Irwin Naturals Very Cranberry 57740
Saccharomyces Boulardii (1) NOW 2934

PPM - bedtime
St Johns Wart (2-3) 300mg Now Foods 4760

Core (taken with AM and PM)

Quassia Powder (0 teaspoons) in yoguart Mountain rose herbs
Biotin (2) 5mg Swanson sw877
Biotin - AM/PM 2 Biotin 5000 mcg Bluebonnet 00447/Swanson SW877 • 5 mg 100 Caps
Milk Thistle (2) 300mg CAP.- Silymarin 80% w dandelion, NOW P#0476(5)3, 4753B/ Swanson NWF092
Piperine (3) - 10mg Bioperine Nutrient Absorption Enhancer, 10 mg 60 Caps, Swanson Item #: SWU308
SOD (1) 250mg SOD SWANSON Blend 60CT SW157 02157, Source naturals SN519 90ct $6.19
Elecampane Root (4) 675mg Inula helenium Natures Wonderland 15400
Elecampane Capsules 2@ $8.99 ea. P154x
Or Swanson full spectrum 4:1 root 100mg SW1297
Blessed Thistle (2) 400mg Cnicus benedictus Natures Wonderland 05400
Blessed Thistle Capsules P54x
Barberry bark (1) 500mg Berberis Vulgaris 4:1 Swanson sw1150
Natrol, GarliPure (1) Odor Controlled, 500 mg, 200 Capsules (NTL-12000)
Nattokinase 2,000 FU's (1-2) Healthy Origins HRG029 • 100 mg 180 Vcaps $23.98
Best Naturals 002818 2000 FU, 100 Mg, 90ct $11.99
Best Naturals Nattokinase, 2000 FU, 100 Mg, 360 Vegi Capsules $37.99
Black Cumin Seed Oil (1-2) Swanson EFAs Liq Vegcap 60 500 mg Liq Vegcap Item # SWE063
Oregano Oil (0-3) Swanson Premium Sgels 120 150 mg Sgels Item # SW1016
* Limit to 3 weeks duration, to prevent toxic buildup.
Pumpkin Seed Oil (0-2) Swanson Premium Sgels 100 1,000 mg Sgels Item # SW364
Chaparral (2-4) 500 mg Arizona Naturals 20201
Berberine Sulfate trihydrate (1) 500mg
Fucoidan Extract (1-2)
or “full spectrum” Brown Seaweed (Wakame) Undaria pinnatifida extract sw1504 with Fucoxanthin (2) 250mg “Natures Vision 08375” - Flagellated Promastigote, forces TH1 immune dominance– 4wks, or Bladderwack Fucus vesiculous thallus Swanson SW1399 (cold sore zoonosis)
Ester C - (1-2-3) 1000mg with Citrus Bioflavonoids, American Health P#16984
Swanson AM123, AM122 AM091
Vitamin A - (1-2-4) 15000 IU Retinyl Palmitate, Carlson Labs P# 01102 Swanson CSN155 $5.99
Copper Citrate (1-2) 2mg – used to keep zinc balance,
BioCitrate Copper 2 mg Solaray P#04596 / or… Copper Chelate (2) 2 mg Twin lab copper caps 01017, Swanson Item: SW223
Tri-iodine (0-1) Terry Naturally 12500mcg #18299,
Swanson Ultra Triple Iodine Complex SWU809, 12.5 mg 60 Veg Caps
Selenium (2-4) CAP. 200 mcg 120ct NOW P#01486 , Swanson SWU171
Boron (1-0) 3mg Now 01410
Vandium - (1) KAL vandyl comples 70311
Chromium Picolinate - (1-3 in am - 0 in pm) 200 MCG NOW FOODS 1422 01422
Chromium Picolinate 200mcg 200ct. Swanson Premium SW923
ZINC SULFATE (4) - 9.32mg/kg/D max @ WORM EXPLOSION, 50 mg zinc sulfate monohydrate,
Item No: 0802
Ginkgo Biloba (2) 60mg Swanson sw893 /01893- BRAIN CAPILLARIES

Weekend (removed from daily Core)

Slow chew of raw garlic - The compounds are viable and peak for up to 10 minutes after chopping.
CQ10 (1) 400 mg with Vitamin E (as d-alpha Tocopherol), NOW Foods 3198
D3 - (1) 1000 IU Vitamin D Swanson SW1030
Borage Seed oil - (1-2) (GLA) 1000 mg, NOW P#01722, SUN 05051 60CT 1500MG
B50 or B25 vitamin B multi - NOW or GNC
Vitamin E - AM (1) D alpha e 800 IU CAP.CARLSON 00381, SWANSON SW145
Probiotic 225
L cysteine (2) 500mg NOW 0077 (try to lower head toxins)
L Carnitine 0-2Grams W ALA and CQ10 to dump Toxins from DNA
Sweetina Magnolia seeds (1) chopped in yogart Tunjuk Langit - rasha herbal
Magnolia Extract (0-4) capsules, note: 12 capsules will stop the heart Magnolia Bark extract 600 mg CO2 extract method 600mg Magnolia Bark extract 4:1 Amermed, take with rosehip seed tea.
Stinging nettle root 600mg Swanson, 0-2.4G + TID

02/12/15 rem Choline AAM (1-2) CAP. 293mg Country Life P#06510, Swanson NW720

REM ROYAL TROPICS PAPAYA (1) 900mg 10026 Bromelain Source
REM Bentain HCL AM (1) 600mg the vitamin shop 01197

REM = Remove


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