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Re: Hyperinfection Hospice by mattk3 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/5/2015 12:02:16 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I was where you are, bed, pulse 200, lungs filling with water, organs full of worms, vision fading, connection with life fading.

I had nothing to loose.
I broke all the rules.
I started by dosing Invermectin every day, for 42 strait days, twice a day, just to get them to stop. This costs less than 24 dollars.

Stop moving, Stop making junk, Stop.

Invermectin was tested at 4 doses per day, for 256 strait doses. It is safe relief, 30 days off from your life, it saved me.

It will pull you back from the edge.
You can win this fight, if you choose to.

I may die of cancer tomorrow, but they can be stopped, killed, and you can be cured.

I have a few males left in my sinuses, my last gal is dying.

It can be done, I can tell you how. I made hundreds explode using zinc Sulfate, it can be done.

What do you have to loose?

Invermectin is to worms, just the opposite of steroids.

DEC (Dimmatrol) will keep the little juvies out of your heart, it will keep going. 400mg/Day to start. less than 20 dollars.

Ginkgo will open your capillaries and save most of your brain, kidneys, and liver.

It can be done, I did it.

Do not give up.

Magnesium Sulfate and milk thistle will keep your liver going.
Magnesium Citrate will keep your muscles going.
Potassium Citrate, KGP flush, and CQ10 will keep your kidneys working.

Spirulina Algae will keep your DNA in place.

It can be done.

Albendazole will kill them, but it takes time, a higher dose than they say, and a while.

Once we get you stable, you can pulse higher levels and protect your kidneys using CQ10 and KGP Flush. I am proof that it can be done.

I am working again damit. Dont give in, tell the doctors to jam it, and save yourself.


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