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Re: Hyperinfection Hospice by #461 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/8/2015 2:40:04 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hate to say it folks, but I think we here may be meeting one of those internet scammers you hear about. Like I said--I'm naive about things some times myself, and frankly my moral code is so strong about honesty, I never even think of the possibility, because it is so far outside my range of normal behaviors.

But last night I had a dream--I saw that dog lying broken and bleeding in the ditch, but as I got closer and could see more clearly, it didn't appear to actually be a dog--but a little guy in a dog suit.

After lying there a while, he looked around to see if anyone was looking (I was more like a movie watcher, not actually there), took off the dog head and got up and walked away, eating a sandwich some one left. So it got me to thinking. What was that all about?

Then I remembered that gal who pretended to have cancer, shaved her head and all, and ended up raking in close to a quarter million dollars, I think I recall, from friends, family, and sympathetic folks on the internet. She only got caught because she didn't stop in time. Apparently there's great money to be had if you have no morals, and a greedy unambitious world view. Plus who dares question and be suspicious of 'a dying of some horrible painful disease' sufferer? You see what even my and Flossy's level of suspicion and questioning stirred up.

Think about it---the persona presented seems to be an older abandoned struggling woman--not someone who would have two conveniently sick young kids of whom not much is really said. And he comes in with like a pre- written script of symptoms and therapies but can't really talk about them. Almost like that's 'her' story and he's sticking to it.

Never known a mother to worry about herself so much over worrying about her kids like that. She doesn't even really talk about them--other than to say that they have to watch HER suffer. I think a real mom wouldn't have let things go so far--especially if her kids were involved. She'd be behaving much differently.

But of course alone, no support (read no money) and all these needs that only money can address. But I guess enough folks fall for it, that it's worth the time and effort to keep coming back and manipulating more folks into supporting him. .

Then there was that answer to mattk3--dude? really? I don't say dude (maybe tongue-in-cheek occasionally, but never in actual conversation)--that's a millennial slang word, quite out of character.

Then there's that whole lack of response to what 'she's' doing about fixing 'her' problem. If it's a scammer, he may very well not know, cuz he isn't needing it (my prodding, hardly kicking) could have pushed him to dig around and figure out what he might be doing so he could seem more authentic and still be able to keep coming back and sucker kind-hearted folks out of their money when the money from this one runs out.

And anybody who's researched zappers for necessary health reasons won't ever say they used a tens unit. That's like saying you used a ping pong paddle to mow the lawn. But somebody in a dog suit might, as they tried to come up with plausible types of treatment.

Also, as Flossy's noticed--this horribly ready to die person keeps disappearing and then showing up again, apparently with another name at times even, but never talking about the previous apparent 'on death's door' miraculous recovery only to end up yet again back on death's door. Really?

And how do we really know this person is even real? What proofs does he--or she---offer? No dates or places (unless pushed and has time to invent some). No real life details--nothing that gives me any sense of who as a person they are.

Granted, I know I tend to be verbose, but this person really says nothing about who they are. I've seen this behavior from trolls too--they pretty much just present as a doctor-y or nurse-y sounding authority figure but never says how it helped them or give any details of 'their' life. Maybe once or twice they did, but it's still pretty shallow.

Then that whole disappearing act once folks don't seem to be buying the story any more. Never any follow-up. He'd be well aware of the fact if people did in fact send him money privately, they're going to want to see a return on their investment. So like any good scammer, he makes sure he's never around by the time things get that far.

I realize this is conjecture and circumstantial evidence--and entirely just MY opinion---but I think what's really needed here is the police--not any kind of health professional.

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