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Re: Parasites scattered everywhere, please help or advice! by #461 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/24/2015 9:26:25 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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There's lots of advice here about parasite killing. If you did de parasite herbs without a zapper, you bet they'll scatter--anywhere out of your digestive system--but probably there were parasites out there any way.

My advice?

I use Dr. Clark's herbs and the zapper she recommends. It kills ANY WORM TYPE parasite, period. It isn't even the frequency, it's the shape of the electrical wave. Someone said it was like sawing them into pieces.

Not a very survivable thing, and mutating??? Hardly. It take quite a mutation to not get sawed up--think about it, what would your body need to mutate to do that?

It'd take thousand of years. But any parasites who are exposed to the current are killed, so none survive TO mutate. The ones who survive are buried deep enough the current doesn't reach them, so they aren't surviving the current, just too deep to reach.

So don't let all the doom/gloom fear mongers trick you into worrying about. The same with the herbs.

Dr. Clark's herbs (the only ones I bother with) have killed the worms for millennia--why would the worms mutate now? I of course have my theories, if so, but I think those herbs are like the zapper current. It's like ripping every kind of worm apart, not just killing them, a tough thing to survive. It's not called Wormwood for no reason.

Both are necessary because the toxicity of the world today is so weakening our immune systems, the worms just eat their way out extremely easily.

And the herbs are only effective in the digestive tract, maybe a bit outside, but not much. But the zapper can't reach into the deep bowls sometimes, so herbs are necessary for those.

And imagine what hungry gnawing chomping parasites feel like chewing on you insides. Since most carry a pathogen, like a virus or bacteria too, then you also have those attacking you. I don't read a single symptom that couldn't be caused by a parasite or their rider infection.

Try the full parasite protocol, zapper especially, (not just one dose or zap once)Dr. Clark recommends (her book 'cure for all diseases' is here in PDF) and if that doesn't help significantly, I'd be highly surprised.

Just don't let her book overwhelm you--I never did even a third of that, and I'm back to pretty darn healthy, although, I'm sure you might get a back to excellent health if you get rid of the dental stuff, maybe other stuff, but I haven't done much of any of it. :)


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