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Drugs on on Curezone, really?? by #461 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   11/4/2015 2:45:43 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I have to say, I find it quite dismaying that Soooo many people advocate big pharma's poisons here for parasites and everything else, on a website that was dedicated to getting rid of using those poisons back when it started.

I don't remember a single thread, let alone forums dedicated to any kind of big pharma 'drug' usage. I found you absolutely don't need to know what parasite it is. Wormwood kills every single kind. So why do you need to do 50 bizillion kinds of drugs for that? I mean, come on, it's one drug after another. Why?? Because, obviously big pharma sells a lot more drugs that way.

I've also found ONE herb that kills all fungus, one that kills ALL virus, one that kills ALL bacteria. But they'd lose a ton of money if they did it that way, eh??

I've used no pharmaceuticals in my return to pretty much full health other than a tiny dose of tramadol for leg pain, which if I'd review Dr. Clark's book sooner, I wouldn't even have needed--restless leg syndrome is actually cadmium poisoning accumulating in the legs, causing blood vessels to spasm.

I must admit I didn't even realize blood vessels could spasm, but using EFT, which I'd been trying for anything I could think for for 2 years with no success (which I knew meant I wasn't tapping for the right thing versus EFT not working) that night I tapped for blood vessels spasming in my legs, and blam.

The pain stopped almost instantly. Another EFT miracle, albeit 2 years past when it could have worked, had I read that section of Dr. Clark's book sooner. Blah.

But drug usage is SO not a real cure and has NO place on curezone, in MY OPINION. Of course the site owner may not want you to realize this (big pharma's pocket maybe?) and may decide, enough is enough and ban me for saying my opinion and encouraging you all to use your critical thinking skills.

I've seen it happen.


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