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Deepest Yet? by #194296 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   12/18/2015 1:58:59 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Yep. The fact of the matter is....

Seeming Ultimate Abuser!!!!

And I'll go a step further.

Ultimate Mass Murderer!!!!

Yep. Without Compare....

Hellllll.... EVERYBODY!!!!!!

Zero exemptions. Zero way-outs.
That's It!!!!!!

No matter what the spirit world/alternate universe/astral-etheric blah blah blah...

It All does come down to where we spend the bulk of our time.
Right Here In The Body Of Clay.


That's a step... to Acknowledge, to Recognize that.

461, re-read the book of job..... oh how i despise and acknowledge that....

The TRUTH IS.....

we are exiled. we are fallen. so very, very fallen.
It's a penal colony here.
Some are what we would deem criminally insane.
Look around you. Look who, "governs."
And take a good long look at... us.
Insane. Yep.
You are. Without a doubt.
Just look at your posts, pretend they aren't from you, and hold them up to a mirror.

Me Too! Yep! How on Earth could I be excluded, having a body encasing a fallen spirit on this orb????
Nope. Yep! Me Too!!!!

For Whatever Reason, The Creator Of creators put us here in this stinking mess....

My bet is with Jesus Christ!!!!

There. I said it.

IMO, we are soooooo phuqued up we don't even know the extent of just how so.
We could have just lived and died and gone on to worse.
Hell. Some of us Will!!!!!
The Creator of creators... and I don't cut any slack from an earthly suffering perspective but duly acknowledge from a Cosmic Made It All perspective....
Gave us a rope.
A Salvation Rope.
Salvation..... Jesus Christ.

Yeah, I suppose we are so fallen and so phuqued up that most of us don't even remember.
I remember some of it.


Everybody is In It!!!!! Yep.

Anyway, that is my take.
I have danced with angels, fallen and otherwise.
Traversed alternate realities and have tweaked such to impinge upon, "this one."
But the fact remains.
Everybody dies. And there is a judgement a standing.
The old reincarnation ploy I put to rest for myself decades ago, having been there, done that, and moved on, spiritual realm speaking.

This Is IT.

Do your best 461.
Be Kind or Do Not.

And here we are, out in what so many deem lala land......

Guess it really is time for me to make an exit.

Guess I'm a tad bit, "luckier," than most.
I have an idea as to What to do with what is left.
Here is something I've put on two posts.
Third time is the charm and well worthy of a bow out in my book:

"Kind of like a WW2 GI scratching and itching in the field, afflicted with parasites, as he fought a bigger war."


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