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edited. km4 I honestly think you would have to .... by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   2/15/2016 12:24:15 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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(sorry, I wrote 40 and forgot the g. It's hard not to be able to have something that registers more as a name, to reply to)

I think you would have to read the Moritz material, and you would get it. (what I have said) Or, please watch one of the links I posted to, on Natural Hygiene. Or just forget what I've said and have your own flush experience. I feel that emotions, and what some people call "trapped emotions" (see, The Emotion Code, or look into EFT, Faster EFT, etc.) are playing a huge part in ALL health and healing. I'm not interested in years of traditional therapies to get to the bottom of the non-physical ways we've all been shaped, so I suggest these rapid methods, in Concert with anything physical like the liver flush, the water fast, even an all-live plant-based diet.(there may be individuals too who always work via the physical, but in my view, they are rare.)

I am not claiming to speak for anyone else, and I think it's fruitless to keep focussing on what's happening for someone else, such as Archus. In fact, to speak of someone in the third person starts to feel like gossiping.

What is going on for you is what is important. You are your own best instrument, and laboratory, and doctor, nurse and everything else.

When you (meaning anyone) take it upon yourself to search for the info to your questions, directly, by just listening to, or reading directly from the source, if you will, not secondhand,
you are following up on what is suggested. Verifying for you, that you have it all correct enough to embark.

And then there's something amazing that happens. It's like giving the Universe, your higher self, or whatever terminology you like- an invitation to work *directly* with you, and bring you what you need. (often, in my experience, by intuition, or a strong, quiet inner voice).

All these avenues of bringing you into direct contact with what is most beneficial for you ( any person) will be more open, once you clear the debris of accumulated poisons, toxins, and whatever all is stored in gallbladder and liver stones . That's been my direct experience.

I contend that trapped and buried emotions (which entangle with mixed messages, and thought systems) are a layer beneath easily 'getting at'. The body does its best to store them somewhere so they will not literally SWAMP us. Maybe that's why you are not 'getting' what I have said. Everything has its own vibration, and time. Until you get the stones out, the feelings, even memories that bind us, will not "surface". That's the beauty of this body, these bodies.

Seeing, and experiencing for yourself is believing. And being able to sort out conflicting ideas comes with clearing out the gunk. (I'm sure you've seen some of the Liver Flush pictures...)

As Archus has said, do the flush! Read straight from Clark, as he linked to, or from Moritz, and choose what to follow. In some ways, you keep focussing on some offside, repetitive thoughts, and are in a sense, looking in the wrong direction.

Archus and I, and others all agree on one thing--(and I'll stop mentioning Archus in the third person) , the Liver Flush has made huge changes for each one of us!

And it can for you too.


EDit- PS, I'm sorry if anyone detects frustration in my post. It is only that. From past experience, I have seen how even I could
prolong my own well-being, just by getting stuck on some point, or on focussing on someone else's journey. (which is after all, their own.)

I don't think the intellect can really grasp what is going on with the liver, and how much it is affecting the entire body, and even the thinking, until it experiences some relief, from that very location.

I truly hope everyone reading all these Liver Flush posts of myself and others is inspired to undertake that. But I can't stress enough, also, reading directly for oneself, from the experts.

My own preference is for Moritz, since I find I resonate with his insight. For someone else, it's Clark that resonates. I've seen way too many people go off half-cocked, on the basis of some posts on the Liver Flush Forum . (but I guess, to each her own experience...)

By the same token, many get trapped in persuing one idea, such as "Why hasn't this done X for so-and-so?" But the answer to that is always the same. You are you.

We're all here to inspire one another, and there are many ways to inspire .:-)

We have no way of knowing what benefit someone is getting from their own experience, whatever it may be. But I've seen this: nothing is wasted, no matter how long anything appears to take.

So, I'm sorry if I've got caught up in my "just do it! way of thinking/writing. It is only because it's one of the best things I've ever done.

Remember though, it doesn't all happen with one flush, though just one CAN be a tremendous boost, if undertaken correctly, this is : well-armed with self-study until you can grasp how it works, and why; at least enough that you no longer have to ask, have I got it right?

Some people though, will not see much the first one, and incorrectly conclude "it doesn't work." That's why is so important
(imv), especially if you are someone with trepidation, who doesn't instantly feel like, Yeah, I trust this, that you read a lot of the source material.

Maybe it's enough to just read the curezone Liver Flush link. For me, because I did have a big block about the flush, I was afraid of it, I needed to read a lot of Moritz. I ad to work out for myself also, what was I going to do about the colonics he says you need? I DO feel people need to do something that way to make sure to get out the stones. For some of us, they come for a few days after, and if you consider that they are nasty, in terms of their substance, you don't want thee getting reabsorbed. YOu need a good working elimination system.

Now, I can direct people to looking up Moritz's videos. To do a search on the Andreas Moritz liver flush. You can find radio, video, and books. "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" I got from the library..

Maybe you're like me and need to read from both the main sources that curezoner's reference, and then decide. I also did read a lot on the Liver Flush Forum , (not so helpful for me, since it was peppered with "the liver flush nearly destroyed me" types of posts, which may or may not even have been from real people).

Anyway, all is well, since I was able to see that there are many ways people are approaching this. The "quick fix" idea is one of the least helpful ways to approach the LF.

But as to the recurring thought of "how many does it take?"
Moritz has said, "as many as it takes, — until you get none." Some say, you should do two flushes after you get none--

Then you can verify there are no more old, or accumulated stones.

Then, you can start to do maintenance flushes. Maybe one a season, or one in spring and one in fall, and have some fun with
taking milk thistle (liver loves it) the way people use salt and pepper; and beginning to enjoy using food as your ongoing preventative medicine. (turmeric, and so on. But in food, not as a prepared product.)

Don't forget also, the kidneys. It might be that in your case, and perhaps for others too, that the kidneys have absorbed
as much 'shock' let's say as the liver. Guilt, shame, fear, ]feeling unsupported, these are more kidney-related. And we all have those things, life being this great school of experience, we're all sharing. In that sense, many people can trace traumas to about the age of five, when just starting school.

The liver, in my experience, held onto more of the anger, blame, judgement, (which always translates too to self-judgment), resentment, over some traumas. Stuff I didn't even know was there, because while I might have looked at it logically, and worked it through that way, the actual residue of it was stored in there, in the liver.

I hope this inspires you, km4. Thank you for prompting this long post. I gotta hope (lol) it's my last one, on the subject. I've written enough on this. (If anyone needs to hear more form me, you can look in my past posts)
looking forward to hearing your post-liver flush experiences!


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