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If you're still dealing with Seb Derm by brycer9 ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   3/30/2016 5:41:23 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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It's time to stop doing the same things and expect a different result. Chances are, you shower daily in chlorinated water, apply cleanser and moisturizer to your face, and even try other topical skincare regimens. What if you just left your skin alone? I bet that before you had any skin problems (seb derm, acne, etc) you were washing your face less frequently then you are now. Your body is surprisingly resilient, but you are preventing it from doing it's job by nuking your skin. Trust in your body's healing ability alone and I bet within a month your skin will start to look normal again

I have been dealing with seb derm for years, as well as moderate acne. I never had these problems at a younger age, when I only took baths and didn't wash my face. In the midst of one of my worst seb derm breakouts (bright red skin on the corners of my nose, chin, and a big flare-up on my cheek close to nose) I read about the caveman regimen. I was particularly interested in the no-water method, since showering and not applying moisturizer afterwards causes flare-ups for me, which I assume is because of the harsh chemicals in the shower water.

After 2 weeks of not letting water touch my face, a dead skin barrier formed over the big flare-up. At week 3 when the skin was a white flake-ish color (not skin tone) I gently picked it off to reveal smooth pinkish skin underneath, whereas before it was red, and scaly/bumpy. Over the next few days it gradually returned to normal skin tone. My face is not incredibly itchy anymore, is less irritated, acne is less frequent and goes away quicker

My suggested method is to start the regimen by washing your face in filtered water. Afterwards apply a light, natural moisturizer. Then go 1 month without any water touching your face, no more moisturizer or topicals either. Your skin will naturally moisturize itself over time, and regain it's acid mantle which is a barrier to bacteria and other contaminants. Fungus also has a hard time thriving in this environment. After 1 month you can rinse your face in cold or lukewarm filtered water once a week. Continue for 2 more months and your skin should be completely healed by then

In the first few days you will notice less redness and irritation. Week 1-2 you might see dead skin covering your flare-up areas. Leave it on as it is healing the skin underneath. Week 3-4 your skin will start to become smoother and your skin tone will even out. After a month, provided you left your skin alone, your skin should be healed, flaking will lessen, and your protective barrier will be recovered. Every day after that will go towards achieving the perfect skin you once had

It takes some commitment, but your skin needs time to heal after years of working against it. Let me know how it goes for you


Edit: Some research I did that confirms this theory:

As you can see, both China and Albania have the lowest prevalence of dermatitis. Is it just a coincidence that these two countries also shower the least frequently? Albania is not shown in the study below, but Albanians are known to go several days without showering


Percentage of people who shower once a day


Before and After


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