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Re: My Now Controlled EC (Exfoliative Cheilitis - Peeling Lips) by FreeAgentNoob ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/11/2016 8:45:32 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hey Ibinns! Glad to see you chime in from time to time because I've been reading your posts and I wanted to ask some questions. Just so you know, I'm kinda trying your method but it's too early to tell anything. I'm from NJ so maybe if I drop by NY I'd see you by surprise or something haha! Anyway here are my questions.

1. I only recently moved to NJ from the Philippines (people say hot, humid countries help with the condition but it is from a hot, humid country where I got my condition damn!) and I'm not sure if the water is fluoridated in NJ but I'm guessing it is. Anyway, fluoridated or not, is it bad to get them wet? Like use a straw when drinking or brushing etc. I still have buildup and inflammation even with the mouthwash, Bepanthen and Earth Pearl Probiotics but it's a lot more manageable when I was just using Aquaphor. They still turn white and look soggy when wet and sometimes if the buildup comes off it's red and raw I guess. Also, if it's red and raw do you suggest applying Bepanthen to that area or leave it alone and wait for some skin to regrow on it?

2. You mentioned about oil pulling and using mouthwash before. I'm currently using the same moutwash you used for at least a week now but regarding the oil pulling, would you still recommend it? Last time you posted about mouthwash and oil pulling was 2 years before you came back and stated you placed your EC in dormancy. I assume that it was within these 2 years that you took the probiotics, but I also assume that you DID NOT oil pull anymore and use the mouthwash during this time frame?

3. You've actually been trying so many methods to keep the buildup and inflammation down etc. but do you place probiotics on putting the inflammation down? Or did the various treatments (coconut oil, calendula, vitamin e gel, zinc or iron supplements etc.) help with it? I also don't know what's causing the blood vessels and yes I have shone flashlights on them. Also, regarding the various treatments do you think they also helped in anyway regarding builup? I'm kind of in a limbo with the Bepanthen because while it does keep my lip looking normal and moisturized for long, it also dries out the mucosa so when I wake up there is some white gunk which I definitely did not have before.

4. What are your theories as to why doctors cannot solve this condition and do you believe that it's just trauma (in our case) or there has to be more to this than just mere trauma? I've only had this since Oct or Nov (I'm not even sure when it exactly started because it was such a minor thing when in started) but it's already been quite hell for me. Worst thing is I don't even remember picking or peeling it that time, but I definitely did around August but the skin did return to normal anyway.

5. Now this is something I've always wanted to ask. Regarding SLS products, you mentioned that it is most likely an irritant if we have a condition such as this but did you shy away from other products (shampoo, soap, shaving cream etc.)? I personally don't, the only SLS-free (and fluoride-free) product I use is toothpaste and the other products don't hit my lips anyway and it hasn't negatively affected me.

6. Last thing! About the dormancy, your recent post said that your EC came back hard during the last 70 days that you 'placed it in dormancy'. When exactly did you get sick and when it disappeared again is everything back to 'normal, at least for now?

Thanks in advance!

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