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nightshade, arthritis, blood type a diet by superfriend ..... Blood Type A Diet Forum

Date:   5/2/2016 1:13:45 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Hopefully this isn't new information for everybody.

Yeah, this will make me some enemies for sure. But I have to post it, sorry.

I had an aunt years ago that was a nurse tell me about the Blood Type Diet . I got the book, read it, never tested myself. Years later, I developed a bone spur on top of my foot because I drank too much chocolate milk, too much calcium. Then I would limp sometimes, very annoying. Then I thought about the Blood Type Diet again. It says A blood types should avoid nightshades, peppers, etc. So I finally tried it, no peppers and no milk for three days, walking around perfectly with no limp. Then I sat down, ate some ketchup and hash browns while reading the newspaper for twenty minutes. Then I stood up and walked, didn't know what was going to happen. Well, I was immediately limping again. Problem solved. I cut wayyy back on the milk, the bone spur is gone, I still have peppers occasionally, usually goji aka wolf berries.


If you aren't convinced, read the reviews of the book, some pretty convincing stories. One said cut out the peppers for a month, then eat some, if you react badly to them, it should be within thirty hours.

Dr. Norman F. Childers' research in an earlier edition pointed out that 1/3 of us are born allergic to nightshades, another 1/3 will develop the allergies during their lifetimes and only 1/3 of the population doesn't react. The damage is cumulative in many cases.

Yes, cayenne pepper can be put onto a wound to stop the bleeding and I've done that. It's powerful medicine if used correctly.

And no, I am not being paid by these authors to promote these books either, btw. As I know it is forbidden to advertise on these forums.

So please don't kick me off of this forum.


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