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Exfoliate chelitis, found bacteria on lips- doctor prescribed using antibiotics ointment for by Thatgirlcilla ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   5/5/2016 10:40:41 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hey everyone im new to this forum and have been suffering from Exfoliate chelitis for 6 months. Im certain that this is EC (see pics below) . Ok so First i want to tell you My story. I live in Sweden where Winters are REALLY cold, specielly this winter was extremely cold. In november 2016 i started to notice that My lips starter to get dry because of the cold/dry air. But i thought IT was nothing. IT wasn't untill december when i tried a lipstick at a store that the symptoms really started. The same day i sent to a party, and the next day when i woke up i noticed My lips were extremely dry,like the skin was peeling. I ignorerad and thought IT Would become BETTER and started to peel the skin away myself (STUPId i know) and things got worse. My chelitis spread and now Both lips were peeling. i got an appointment with Two doctor, the First one Told me to use vaselinet -...- (i f***in hate him he Didnt even care) the second one Told me to use Decubal (its an ointment for dry lips) None of Them worked. And finally i got an appointment with a Nice doctor, and he did a biopsy for yeast infektion. I got the answer yesterday and IT showed negative, BUT he Told me that they found bacteria and prescribed me antiobiotica Oinment, and since i Told him about the lipstick thing he thought IT was bacteria. I know im STUPId but i tried this lipstick knowing that Any person with herpes or bacteria Could have used IT, and i think thats how i got My EC-from the bacteria Someone had on THEIR lips when TRYING this lipstick. Im hoping this Will really Cure IT since its effecting My social life, im 18 and i often stay home from school, dont go out with friends anymore, dont travel its becoming a REAL pain in the ass. I feel very down all the time. But i'll pray to god that he Will help me, in his namn everything is possible. I started My Cure today, and Will be using IT for 7 days, twice a days on Both lips. I'll keep you guys updated with pictures during My antibiotica ointment Cure and after. Pray for me everyone and i pray that everyone of you that have EC Will be Cured.

Here are the pictures of My EC at its worse. My uppger lip used to be dark but as you Also can see there is a discoloration of the upper lip between the colours pink and dark-its like a line. The pink skin is the one thats peeling constantly within 1 day.




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