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Re: Exfoliate chelitis, found bacteria on lips- doctor prescribed using antibiotics ointment for by FreeAgentNoob ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   5/5/2016 11:48:17 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I can't believe we have another new sufferer in here. Strap in buddy, I'm sure that's EC as well. I got mine back when I lived in the Philippines (born and lived there for 17 years, until I moved to the US a month ago), so imagine how weird it is that I got mine in a tropical country and considering that I was serious into bodybuilding so I was definitely eating pretty healthy, tracking all my calories and macros.

Guess what, I'm a teen too (17) and I've also only had this since either Oct, Nov or Dec '15 (not even sure because it was so minor but I knew something was already wrong) so roughly the same time as you.

We appreciate pictures, because not many people are willing to post in here, although it's understandable too but pictures are definitely helpful. My symptoms also started the same, sudden drying and I also asked for chapstick. Before this there were times that they peel so I was picking them, but it was around August '15 that I asked for chapstick. The chapstick though was brand new and I only used it a few times. Everything was normal until my bottom lip suddenly started whitening and peeling like I said either Oct, Nov or Dec '15.

I'm assuming that you're also not new to lip picking or peeling which is why you started peeling them when they started. I did the exact same thing, thinking it would get better, after all I was peeling them way before and they return to normal but yeah unfortunately here I am. My EC only spread to the upper lip around this year's Feb after various reading about leaving it alone and mind you, my upper lip has always been my healthiest lip even when I was a kid so I thought it was weird for it to spread.

As a fellow teen, I can definitely share with you the same sentinment. It's only been 6 months but my life hasn't been the same. I know facing it head on is hard to do but easy to say, but truthfully that's the best way. At first I was not willing to accept I have such a rare, and seemingly incurable disease for the first few months that I just kept rubbing it off and thought of it as severely chapped lips, but when it spread to my healthy upper lip out of nowhere that's when it hit me that I have it.

Accepting it isn't easy and I agree with that, but it is what it is, we, as unfortunate as we are, definitely have it. Granted, everyone here's EC is not of the same degree, some have it really bad and some don't. I hope things go well for you. If not then you can definitely try out some of the methods posted on here. I personally constantly moisturize with Bag Balm and Bepanthen, sometimes a combination of both, and my lips do look pretty normal 90% of the time, but as hypocritical as I am, life still hasn't been the same because I have to cut my food up, drink through straws, not let water touch my lips when showering or brushing and sometimes I wake up with a small amount of white gunk or whatever it is on the affected part where they meet. This is my new normal now but it is definitely hard for me to accept at times.

If you ever feel down you can contact me, oh and do you have an Xbox? We can play up sometime.


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