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Re: Please Help With Diagnosis by CalamityJane ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   5/6/2016 2:19:41 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Yes, I have used Prazi. Though, I did the research at 75mg/kg divided into three doses over a 1-2 days. Which means you do not need to shove all the doses into one day but can extend over a two day period. Prazi is very strong and can make you deathly ill if you take more than what is prescribed for its Exact use.

Unless you are some secret spy that has built your immune system up to handle poison I would suggest you keep to the exact doses, especially if this is your first time.

I took one dose of Ivermec with Albenza on my first day, in the morning the day before I started the Prazi. I started the Prazi the following night in the PM with Pyrantel to keep the worms from migrating and followed up with the two other doses in a 12 hour separation and continued the Albenza twice a day AM and PM for two weeks with a 7 day break. It is important that you research your dose per weight and what you are trying to kill or you can end up listening to what works for someone else and risk poisoning yourself. I read many of the uses and dosing and because many people recommend the cross use of medications and though it may work for them. It may not work for you. I found that when I separated within a reasonable amount of time allowed my body to recover and allowed the Rx to continue working. If you get severely sick from the first dose of Prazi it will be within the twelfth hour then you can push the second dose out or stop it all together because if you are vomiting and diarrhea and don't die of dehydration and your innards being sucked out of your body then that is your body saying stop. I would suggest you don't use Prazi for the second or third dose.

A little nausea is normal because within 24 hours of the Ivermec and Albenza you will have worm die off. Especially it being your first time. But, severe vomiting is poisoning and your body needs a lot less or you need to completely stop. You may have to go the herbal route and it is a longer process but much more gentler on the body. Though worms can scatter throughout the limbs, neck, head and ect. and you will feel the movement and sharp points in your feet, toes and fingers. which can be a bit upsetting. But.. from personal experience I have done all the above. After scattering the worms I then used the Rx and then had worms burrowing their way out of the skin leaving sores on my once perfect skin. This I do not find pleasing. Not having them moving around under my skin though, is nice.

I finished the Rx after a severe poisoning going off of someone else's SO CALLED treatment going against the regimen I just told to you above. I went against the above which was I was successful at the first three weeks based upon research by learning the use of each Rx. But, I trusted someone else's dosing that on my fourth week I tried something new based on someone else's daily treatment. That made me so deathly ill that my innards were being wretched out through both orifices over a 7 hour period. The God's above had pity and mercy upon my soul and shoved me back into my wretched body and I did not die.

So, I warn you.. Do not ask if I have eaten raw fish or under cooked meat to validate what you may or may not have hidden in your body.. Because I will tell you yes to both. I will not ever eat under cooked or raw meat ever again.

I had tape worms in my female genitals, worms in my nasal cavity and larvae, I had flukes and found on the third day I had expelled Borrelia Burgdorferi Bacteria which lowered my immune system and allowed all these things to make my body a home. There were other worms present and instead of researching what I had killed I was grateful they were dead. The worms in my lungs have made it difficult to breathe at night the past three months and after nearly dying the expelling of severe mucus, worms and phlegm when vomiting seems to have cleared my chest. But, it is too soon to wave my hands in celebration because I have to tell you I melted my insides and when eating anything it burns. I will be very careful about anything I ingest in the future.

Research and find out what is inside of you and it doesn't matter what I or anyone else says what it is. These Rx's are poison and can hurt you seriously if you don't think clearly on facts, your facts. I do believe there are persons here that are misleading in a gesture of either ignorance or blatant sabotage. But, don't be afraid to find your answers and looking for your own truth and healing because most doctor's refuse treating for parasites and I believe that parasites cause disease and cancer to grow. The PH on the body needs to be at 7 and 7.5 and parasites change it to be acidic/ammonia which allows cancer to grow. So you are asking the right questions for your own health.

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