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Re: My Now Controlled EC (Exfoliative Cheilitis - Peeling Lips) by Ibinns ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   5/17/2016 12:28:52 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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You're welcome, I hope you continue to strive towards using good grammar within your writing.

But hey man, listen, I was in your shoes one time. I had no-one to turn to in regards to this. Heck, I spent like 18 years being in the dark about it. Yeah, for 18 years I didn't know this condition even had a name! I had super blown, horror movie, zombie type EC. I had suicidal thoughts galore because I felt so damn gross. I also hated at how some people used to look at me and then immediately lick their own lips as if to tell me with their body language that, "hey, you got some crusty ass lips man."

There were times when the train couldn't come fast enough so that I could sit in a corner and hide. I particularly liked the winter time because I could cover up with a scarf.

I remember the first time I went to a hospital. I had full blown EC so, I wore a face mask to the hospital. The moment I went into the doctor's office I warned her about what she was about to see. I took off the mask and her face automatically melted into a state of shock & compassion. Then, in an instant, she asked for other physicians to come in and I felt like a damn lab rat, even though I said I was okay with allowing other doctors to come in and see my condition. However, I soon felt very uncomfortable with the whole situation.

They took a biopsy and the inner part of that area of my bottom lip was then scarred for life.

Also, I too had braces, and I was so damn stressed out that I used to pick at my lips with the wires of the braces. Sometimes I used to stab my lips with those wires. Maybe I became one of those people who tried to make an easy form of pain be a way to get my mind off of whatever was bothering me at that moment, I don't know. All I know is that I kind of wished I would have never done that.

But, before I go too far off topic. Let me answer your questions.

1) Yeah, after showering I still had buildup left. Man, I used to talk with my hand in front of my mouth like a damn idiot. But most times I wouldn't even talk to anyone. I would even dress a certain way so that no-one would even want to look my way. So, in short? I became incredibly antisocial. It wasn't until like a decade later that I really began to "man up" about this condition. One year I even spent 6 whole months at home like a damn recluse. It was bad. I wasted so many years of my life hiding from this bulls**t condition.

2) No problem, the oil pulling did help me with other aspects.

3) Yeah, Bepanthen helped me out a lot too. You know, I tried to look for it myself and I noticed that it isn't available. Even the Earth pearls are now unavailable. Yeah, that is an outrageous price for the Earth Pearls. I definitely would not pay that.

4) I was also into bodybuilding myself. I used to use their 100% Gold Standard Whey until I read that they use sucralose in some of their flavors. Sucralose is basically splenda and animal tested research has linked it to: Enlarged liver and kidneys, Atrophy of lymph follicles & Reduced growth rate.

Course ya know, things like this are rather subjective. Everyone is not really equal, and this may or may not harm a particular person over a period of extensive usage. I used to love their banana cream flavor when I did use them. Now I use something that is a bit closer to being "natural."

Yes, one doctor told me that I had a weak spleen. So he did acupuncture. In short? It didn't work, and I stopped going to him. Especially since his hot ass breath used to burn my face. He was a nice guy but, I doubt he had any clue of how to help me. He probably saw me as easy medical pay bait and, I wasn't having that.

Honestly? I suppose anything is possible, but whether that has something to do with EC specifically? I doubt it, because if that was truly the case then, other mucous membranes would be going haywire too.

I used to overdose on medicated blistex ointment. This crap below was one of the initial causes of my EC.


Its horrific ingredients:


Just look at all those chemicals! You might as well use gasoline on your lips. Chap stick didn't even cut it for me.

I think stress plays a big role with EC. Stress has been found to be quite destructive to the human body. Large amounts of stress make the body produce a lot of cortisol, which then causes lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body in addition to slowed wound healing. So, yes, it does. The more concerned you get about how your lips look then the more stress you go through. I know EC had me stressed out beyond belief. But given this case, I am somewhat confused because, I am super stressed out at my current job, and yet, my EC is now dormant. Your point about severely depressed people who don't get EC is also valid. We can even take this further and include boxers and other fighters, who experience severe trauma to their lips/mouths and they don't get EC. So, once again, it definitely varies from person to person.


5) Definitely does not hurt to try.


6) Wow, didn't know about all those things. They are definitely unfortunate.


Yeah, no problem. Yeah, don't waste your life on this. Definitely try to occupy your mind with other things. I know it is easier said than done but, it really does help to stay busy with activities, hobbies, or other things.


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