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Diabetes and vitamin C by illys / elisah ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   5/19/2016 9:30:45 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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To increase the effects of vitamin C, we can reduce our sugars as glucose battles with vitamin C for access to our cells."

That is vital information for diabetics wanting to use vitamin C. :)

My experience with trying sodium ascorbate the first times was no improvement in blood Sugar control (type 1 diabetes) and a slight pricking or burning sensation in the skin. There were sometimes drops in mood, and sometimes a slightly better mood.

The doses were between 1/4 teaspoon (200mg) to 1 teaspoon (890mg) in water.

Reactions to vitamin C are dependant in my case upon what minerals (helper nutrients) are present in my system at the time I take it.

Using ascorbic acid (unbuffered C) gives the quickest effect, speeding metabolism (and giving quite some sweating!), Ester-c (calcium ascorbate) was the gentle and had the longest-laying effect for me.

Reactions to vitamin C are going to depend upon the infection state causing a root issue. Aka, if you're chronically ill, your body will react to the vitamin C as appropriate to what's troubling you. Dr Lonnie Hermann's private practice reports tests for diabetics turning up a lot of viruses and Mycoplasmal infections for diabetics. That's parasites that effect the internal functions of a cell,. Viruses hijack mitochondria, mycoplasma weakens cell wall defenses and eat the fatty acids metabolized (processed for use inside the cell) needed for healthy function.

For example, how can a cell properly replicate itself if the fatty acids needed for mitosis (cell division) are in short supply because of a hungry hijacker?

(For other readers, sorry, this response is quite different than the subject of using vitamin C and MSM for root canal detoxification, but I hope it process valuable to folk researching their own ailments later on. Conditions related to mycoplasmal infections are (rhumetoid) arthritis, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme (though there it is a co-infection), dementia and Alzheimer's, etc. Sources are usually vaccines (not tested against Mycoplasma and intimate (milk, blood, and sexual) contact.

For relief, aim at fermented or virgin coconut oil, Colloidal Silver , zapping or rife, and -very- chlorophyll-rich herbs like nettles, green spices (fresh).


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