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Re: Is this photo candida? by slate01 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/24/2016 10:34:11 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Yeah, looks like the same stuff I've produced for years. Although when I had it analysed by electron microscope at a hospital they just said it was mucus. They did see some yeast cells, but not like a massive colony of candida in a biofilm matrix.

I still believe it is a byproduct of the candida in its fungal form.

The most effective way to strip this stuff is with ox bile, enteric coated oregano (now foods is good), golden seal and echinacea root. Eucalyptus oil is also good but hard to find oral form. I did see one place in germany selling it.

But you'll never get rid of candida without sorting out the microbiome.

I had gut bacteria analysed by American Gut Project to see how my gut bacteria compared to the average. I was missing certain groups of bacteria.

Once I had that baseline reading I had a faecal transplant at a clinic in Melbourne Australia via gastroscopy. 180ml of filtered and diluted faecal liquid was instilled into my duodenum and jejunum. When I woke up i could feel alot of activity in my gut, lots of bloating. The bacteria was definitely colonising my small intestine and eventually the large. Im still waiting on my follow-up American Gut test.

Stools for first week were greenish and without shape, like a baby's. Then they became normal and have stayed that way ever since although i still have a lot of candida in there cause I still react when I eat sugars/refined carbs and still strip lots of slime/mucus when I take those herbs. I still have peripheral skin infections too but seem to respond to fluconazole whereas before I didnt It's def reactivated my immune system but not 100% yet. I still have oral thrush too. But I suppose I've had candida for 25 years now, so it will prob take a while to get back to normal. One thing that did go away immediately after the transplant was the anal itching I had, which was one of the worst symptoms I suffered from. It was the first symptom I noticed when I was 15. I'm now 40, but at least the itching has gone completely.

I've got lots more detail I could add but will leave it here for now, but rest assured that faecal transplantation is the key to regaining the balance in your gut if you have a candida problem.

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