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Date:   6/5/2016 1:25:00 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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me too. I asked 2 of my friends the same thing and they said I don't smell. but everyone in my class signals that I smelled. I haven't asked any of my classmates since I wasn't that close with them. even in public sometimes the person sitting next to me in the train would sniff or cough and look at me. this happens everyday. yesterday it was when I was at restaurant washing my hands and the person next to me started sniffing n coughing and turned to look at me. there was no one else near us. The most obvious one is in class where everyone comments it stinks and keeps covering their nose and the person sitting next to me would have the biggest reaction. Another day I was sitting in a waiting area waiting for my turn to take my piano exams and the row of people in front as well as my row started covering their noses. the guy next to me started smelling himself thinking it was him but then he stopped because he must have confirmed it wasn't him and turned to look at me. my family can't smell it and doctors think it's all in my head.


sorry this was so long. I'm so annoyed and confused too. for me the smell seems to be alot worse in air conditioned rooms. I can't smell it though so I don't know where it comes from.I have been on many different diets and went from underweight to even more underweight. I'm so tired of this. it feels horrible to stare at others while they eat sugary stuff and meat and everything nice while I'm on these diets and not even getting better. I feel so mad and frustrated and upset everyday. waiting for a day to end this.


whats as annoying is curezone doesnt allow to me to post comments 90% of the time. I cant freaking scroll down to the publish message button without it scrolling up automatically. 


end rant.


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